Depths rising - Lair of the Sea Witch

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Uploaded: 9th Nov 2015 at 12:01 PM
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Lair of the Sea Witch

The Sea Witch was a very kind person but for some reason, people were avoiding her. Maybe it was because of the great powers she possessed or maybe her big pointy nose and strange fashion had something to do with it. No matter what the reason was - the fact that the Witch was forced to live her life far away from people wouldn't be changed. But If you think that she spent her days deep in a forest hidden in a small shack you are terribly mistaken. Thanks to her great magical powers the Witch enchanted the water spirits to serve her and create a honorable residence for her. And as long as she doesnt do any black magic, the spirits will stay in her lair to grant her every wish.

The witch is now long gone. But since she never did any evil spells and only used her powers to help others - the spirits never left her house and they are still floating through the halls of the Witch's Lair waiting for a new owner to come. Will it be you?

Floorplan, exterior and interior of the Witch's Lair

Basic information
Lot price and size:
Furnished price242 892
Unfurnished price69 495
Lot size40x40

Lot placement:Place the lot in the middle of water of any kind (sea, lake...). Don't place the lot on land.
Lot front:Please always make sure that the beach part of the lot is set as a front
Performance issues:If you are experiencing performance issues, delete all fog emitters


You will need all expansion packs up to Island paradise.
You will need a roof recolour by Amarysauce: - shade AquaBright
*build with game version : 1.67.2

Additional credits

I would like to send my thanks to all people from the Creator Feedback Forum who helped me to find a name for this lot. A special thanks belongs to Amarysauce for her beautiful set of roof recolours.

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Lot Size: 40x40
Lot Price (furnished): 242 892
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