The McCreary Farm (CC Free)

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Uploaded: 10th Nov 2015 at 8:44 PM
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Tabitha and Todd McCreary turned an existing barn into a three-bedroom, 3.5-bathroom home and built their farm around it. Tabitha was an avid gardener and spent her days riding the tractor and caring for her plants, eventually coaxing them to the highest quality possible. Todd enjoyed tinkering around the farm, upgrading things and restoring old cars. Both Tabitha and Todd loved animals and raiased several generations of award-winning show horses. (The original pair of horses, Angel and Major, are buried here as a tribute to their legacy.) The McCreary children weren't interested in continuing the family business, however; Helen, the oldest, moved to the city to produce body mod tutorials on SimTube and David, the youngest, fell in love with an alien and went to live off-world and raise half-human, half-alien babies. Tabitha and Todd couldn't keep up with the farm in their old age and now it's up for sale. The main garden still exists with perfect plants (including rarities like egg, cheese, patty, steak, and even the ultra-rare OMNI plant), and there is room for you to raise more of the things you like. Don't let this opportunity slip by! Make the McCreary Farm your next dream home today!

CC-free and Custard-checked, although items from some EPs, SPs and the Store are used. If you don't own the items listed below, the game will replace them with comparable items. (Check out the list to see what was used where. You still may be able to download even if you're missing some things.)

Lot Size: 50x50
Lot Price (furnished): §124,740
Lot Price (unfurnished): §56,162