Turn off the TV when stop watching (from bed, too)

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Uploaded: 15th Apr 2005 at 10:12 PM
Updated: 12th Feb 2009 at 2:57 PM - Updated game compatibility note
NOTICE - This is a GLOBAL HACK, which means that it may be included in your uploaded lots (so, use the Clean Installer to remove unwanted hacks from your lots before uploading them).

Obviously, the "custom content check" that is run when starting the game reports this hack as potentially harmful, because it overrides the sims behaviour. It is true that this hack overrides the sims behaviour, but don't worry: it will not damage your game


Game Compatibility - This hack has been tested, and works, with the base game only, as well as with any EPs up to Mansion & Garden.


I'm very annoyed by the sims that don't turn the TV off when they stop watching it.
In particular, when they are relaxing in bed, watching the TV, and they become tired, they stop watching the TV, *don't turn it off*, and go to sleep... for few seconds. Then they are awaked by the TV, get up, make the bed and then go to sleep again for few seconds... And again... and again....

Stop that!

With this hack, when your sims stop watching TV (from the bed, the sofa or even the john ), they will *always* turn it off, unless there are other people watching (in this last case, the original game routines apply: if the sim is a nasty person, he will turn it off anyway).
Obviously, if a sim is going to bed and finds the TV turned on, he won't automatically turn it off: the hack only forces the sims to turn the TV off when they stop watching it.

Please tell me if it works, or if you find side effects, glitches, etc...