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Insta-booth Recolour

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Uploaded: 14th Feb 2016 at 10:11 PM
For a look back at the "retail" theme, I decided to give that photo booth from NL a makeover. I always put one of these booths on each of my retail community lots as a quick source of Aspiration points (and/or a convenient corner to duck into with a sexy friend) while my Sims nip into town for some new toddler clothes and a blue basket of food. The idea was to nix the screaming arrow and the big, silly faces and make something that was simple but that still looked fun and inviting.

Just the one file, which requires NL. No mesh to download, but I highly recommend HugeLunatic's NL Photo Booth Fix , which fixes the curtain's borked UV map and gives joy to all (aka "makes recoloured curtains look like they're supposed to").

Enormous thanks to Numenor, Quaxi, RGiles, and everyone who contributed to CEP and SimPE File has been compressorized (thanks, Jfade!) and tested in-game