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Thea Gouverneur Art Recolours of K&B 'View from a Veranda'

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Uploaded: 26th Feb 2016 at 6:15 PM
Here are 12 beautiful recolours of 'View from a Veranda' by Bert Biscotti using needlecraft art designed by Thea Gouverneur from her series, 'Cities'.

A little about the Artist:
Thea Gouverneur grew up in the village of Sassenheim in The Netherlands. While tending her family's garden, she began to draw and sketch the plants and flowers, developing an eye for great detail. Her passion for nature, and skill in sewing and needlework design led her to the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, Netherlands, where she studied drawing and fashion design. She says people sometimes ask her where she gets her inspiration for her designs, a question which always surprises her. She tells them, "Look out your window and you will see inspiration everywhere..."

These are not base game compatible, Kitchen and Bath is required!

Found: Buy Mode > Decorative > Wall Hangings. Price: §710.

Files have been compressed and checked in game. A named chart is included in the zip file.

Additional Credits: SimPE ~ CEP ~ GIMP ~ Milkshape ~ UV Mapper ~ The Compressorizer ~ Maxis/EA Games ~ MTS

Many thanks to Thea Gouverneur for her lovely artwork.
All images of her art have been randomly collected from within Public Domain, but they are used with permission from Ms. Gouverneur. Please visit her website to see more of her needlecraft art: www.theagouverneur.com