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~ Circle of Light Friendship Floor Lamp from University ~ Now in YETI Recolours

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Uploaded: 22nd Mar 2017 at 4:37 AM
Also known as the Groovy Floor Lamp. The friendly, colourful light created by this item encourages a gathering of friends. Let its groovy energies warm your soul as you contemplate life, love, and the lamp's flowery psychedelic patterning. Another super design by Thomas Sunset Granola Rain. This object also recolours the matching Circle of Light Friendship Table Lamp by HeartDeco. Since there is a white lamp in the original set, we did not do the YETI Snow recolour. Also, the lamps and shades are mix and match, so if you want to get creative - just go for it! Of course, the original white shade is always an available choice, if you don't like the lamp's matching shade.

Many "Thanks" and Enjoy!

Michelle and Debra

Found: Buy Mode ~> Lighting ~> Floor Lamps
Price: §215
Requirements: University EP
Subsets: 2 ~ Lamp Base and Shade are both recolorable

Colours: Fairy Floss, Lemon Drop
YETI Colours: Barn, Beach Glass, Fawn, Hyacinth, Inchworm, Magnolia, Nile Blue, Palm, Papaya, Pebble, Periwinkle, Petal, Pool, Shortcake and Soot

Additional Credits:
EA/Maxis ~ Mod the Sims ~ CEP ~ SimPE ~ MilkShape ~ UV Mapper Pro ~ GIMP ~ Gadwin PrintScreen ~ MS Paint
Special "Thanks": Shastakiss for the YETI Color Palette, 31 March 2014 entry.