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Default Base Game Bicycles

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Uploaded: 26th May 2016 at 9:50 AM

The single bicycle EA gave us was kind of crummy. I tried to make it less crummy.
This replaces both the adult and child base game bicycles and provides 8 presets each with different overlays and colour channels to allow for more flexibility than the original. Now you can make them look like anything from retro track bikes to modern fixies (if you ignore the gears and derailleur :P)
I tried to pick fairly neutral/common colour combinations for presets that were also easily distinguishable from the small thumbnails, but you can get downright crazy with it and make a completely neon pink bike if that's your thing.

The child bike borrows it's textures from the adult bike so you need to have both installed. This was done to keep file size down and aviod having duplicate images.
The packages are separated so you can open them with TextureTweaker3 and easily (it's seriously easy) change the patterns and colours used as presets for each one - if you want to change the default colour of bikes that are spawned by townie children and sims in the university world, just change the first presets. Currently they're generic black but I'm sure your little puddings might appreciate something more exciting like a shiny red bike.

This alters the BicycleAdultStreet and BicycleChildStreet OBJD and TXTC resources.

Additional Credits:
Inge and Peter Jones for s3oc, s3pe and TextureTweaker3
Thanks to Buckley for her help with getting the thumbnails to display properly.