Bulk upload - 24 hairs - simgarooped

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Uploaded: 5th Jul 2016 at 5:54 PM
Updated: 7th Jul 2016 at 2:15 AM
Two retextures in this upload require Seasons to work - ponytailbanks and ponytailbanks_no_bangs! Everything else is standalone.

EDIT: This upload was reshuffled due to not adhering to submission guidelines. It's now split up differently - one file contains retextures AND meshes, and is ready to be put in the game as-is; the second one has no meshes, and they need to be downloaded separately, as their creators don't allow sharing their creations. You can find direct links to these meshes below.

I've done a fair amount of hair retextures over time, and I've decided to start gathering them up into bundles every now and then; sometimes it's easier to download a single file and delete several folders than to download things separately. I hope it makes someone's DL folder-rebuilding a little bit less painful.

All hairs are using Simgaroop's Maxis-Match textures; all of them come in 6 of her natural colors, and some also come with 10 unnatural CuriousB colors. All naturals are binned and familified with CatOfEvilGenius' Hair Binner. All files are for female sims only.

Most are available for all ages, with the following exceptions:
Alex_parted - AF-EF
Honeybuns - AF-EF
Helga89 - TF-EF
Rose_Gudai 009 - TF-EF
ponytailbanks - AF/EF

You can find more detailed info about each of the files included here; this upload, however, is missing the 3 Remi retextures - I've realized that few people downloading a Simgaroop bundle would be interested in having three lonely Remi hairs in there.

If you don't like the files being in subfolders, use the search feature in the main folder's window - search for ".package", and it will bring up all files at once; you can them copy+paste them. You can do the save to remove image previes - search for .jpg, select all results, and delete them.

Meshes not included - file 2 only:
Alex_parted - XM Sims, alex_m2_04262013, not animated
aWT Lara, animated; original download is down, you can find the mesh in this file.
Kewai_annie - mesh by Kewai, conversion by Martini; original download is down, you can find the mesh in this file.
Kewai Ilmare - mesh by Kewai, conversion by Martini; original download is down, you can find the mesh in this file.
Newsea Clover - mesh by Newsea, conversion by Trapping
Newsea Orange Nami - mesh by Newsea, conversion by Trapping
Newsea Cocoon - mesh by Newsea, all-ages conversion by Martini
Skysims 39
Skysims 132 - mesh by Skysims, conversion by rented-space; though Skysims later posted a conversion of their own, available here, these retextures were made for rented-space's version, and I'm not sure if they'd work with Skysims' own mesh.
Skysims 205

Meshes included - all in file 1:
Azure Cottonhouse - Cotton House Sims, site seems to be dead; not animated
Butterfly Sims 54
Discobuzz - mesh by Sjokosims, TS2 conversion by hermit-fox
Geishasims Firefly - mesh by Geisha Sims, TS2 conversion by rented-space
Helga89 - website dead
Honeybuns - original mesh by Lola; remapping, neck gap fix, remeshing parts, and retexture by me, YAF-EF only
Peggy 7978 - website dead
Peggy111219 - website dead
ponytailbanks and ponytailbanks_nobangs - Maxis, Seasons (won't work correctly with default replacement meshes for that hairstyle!)
rose_gudai 009 - website dead
The Faye - mesh from The Sims 3: Hot SUmmer Days, conversion by rented-space
Trapping Solidity

Additional Credits:
CatOfEvilGenius - for the Easy Hair Binner
Simgaroop - for textures and natural color actions
CuriousB - for the unnatural color actions