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1562 Elm St – Basegame

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Uploaded: 4th Aug 2016 at 3:45 AM

A lovely three bedroom, two and half bath two story home.
The first floor has a formal living room, half bath, office, dining room, eat in kitchen, master bedroom, master bath and a mudroom leading to a back patio.
The second floor has a loft/gameroom which a great place for the kids to hang out and play video games, as well as two additional bedrooms and a full bathroom.

House Info

3 Bedrooms
2.5 Baths


Only requires the sims basegame

No Custom Content

Additional Credits
Lot built and tested in the world (Bigger) Builder's Island by QBUILDERZ.

Lot Size: 30x30
Lot Price (furnished): 71,617
Lot Price (unfurnished): 34,169