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12 Matte Lipsticks Set

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Uploaded: 25th Sep 2016 at 7:13 PM
Hey guys,

Here’s something new that I have been dabbling in, a collection of 12 matte lipsticks for Sims of all genders and ages.

These are inspired by those liquid lipsticks and matte lipstick kits that everyone is raving about these days.

It’s enabled for all ages minus toddlers; yes I’ve enabled them for children for situations such as fancy dress days, parties or Halloween etc.

The 12 colours are named: Admiral, Amethyst, Barbie, Blood, Cinnamon, Clockwork, Medusa, Mermaid, Poison, Reptile, Shamrock & Ursula.

*Base Game Friendly*
*Found under Make-Up > Lipsticks*
*These are enabled for C M/F, T M/F, YA M/F, A M/F, E M/F*
*I’ve named all the package files by colour in case you’d like to choose certain colours only.*
*Swatch Included in zip File*

Thanks to these creators for making my Sim models gorgeous!

Skin by: Sleeping Tabby
Eyes by: Sugar & caffeine
Hair by: Myself/Maxis
Eyebrows by: Myself/Bruno
Make up by: Myself, Maxis, Rensim, Vikagu

Additional Credits:
- ADOBE Photoshop CS2