Mannequin Uncapper

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Uploaded: 20th Feb 2017 at 12:01 PM
Updated: 20th Apr 2022 at 11:00 PM
Monday, March 8th 2021!
There has been a change to the mod, I am now only supporting the 1000 option. It performs exactly the same as the other versions, so I don't see the point in maintaining three separate counters. Use your best judgement when placing mannequins, if the lot becomes unbearably laggy delete a few! When updating this mod please delete past versions, especially if you have the smaller count versions. These are defunct and I will not be updating them in the future. Please switch to the new one!

Please be aware I am not actively playing Sims 4, but I do regularly check the comments section here to see if the mod has been broken. If the mod breaks please let me know and I will update it ASAP! I will actively maintain this mod as long as I'm made aware of issues!

This is a mod that allows building freedom (essentially) with mannequins, The game soft caps the mannequins per lot at 10, forcing you to use the gallery to get more mannequins via downloading them in rooms from other users.

This mod comes in three flavors, 100 mannequins per lot, and 250 mannequins per lot, and by request 1,000 mannequins per lot (if you must have even more mannequins, please post in the comments with the cap you want and I will make it!).

Applying this mod to your game will allow you to place mannequins up to a new cap (either 100, 250, or 1,000) without the need for the user to download mannequin rooms from the gallery. Since the cap has been altered, the game will no longer prevent you from placing mannequins directly out of the catalog after you have already placed 10.

This mod requires Get to Work to function.

Known issues:
The Mannequins in the retail lots may be undressed after applying the mod, so make note of the outfits they had on or save your mannequins to a room for later.

Placing a ton of mannequins all wearing different outfits on the lot can cause lag. Use your best judgement.

Resources and Conflicts:

This mod is an override mod that overrides the cap placed by the game on the amount of mannequins allowed on any given retail lot.

This mod edits resource 62489F3E60109554 from nativebuildbuy and will conflict with other mods that edit this resource.

I am not aware of any mod conflicts. If a conflict is found please post in the comments and I will add it here.