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Teen Elder Career - "Popular Music - Vocals"

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Uploaded: 31st Jul 2017 at 8:57 PM
Updated: 2nd Aug 2017 at 10:29 PM
I had hoped to have something a little more spectacular available for my contribution to the Performing Arts theme, but due to work-related time constraints this will have to do! This is the first (tiny) part of my planned overhaul of the EAxis careers. Eventually I plan to offer a choice of two or three default replacements for every single EAxis career (both for teens/elders and for adults), along with custom versions of all of the careers. All of the careers will be related to the original career, but they will be more generic (in that as little detail as possible will be given to allow simmers to use their imaginations) and each career track will fit together with more logical, realistic career progression.

This is the teen-elder version of one of the Music careers - Popular Music - Vocals. This career is designed for sims who want to progress as a singer of popular music (where popular music could be Pop, but could also be Rock, Metal, Country - even classical, really). This career is a custom career, with its own GUID, so it shouldn't overwrite anything in your game. It is set up to link to the adult version of this custom career, when I have made it! When I finish the set of Music careers I will also make a default replacement version available. It has chance cards for all three levels.

Please leave a comment or hit the Thanks button if you download this career! If you encounter any problems, or find any grammar/spelling errors please let me know by leaving a comment.

The details for the career are as follows:

Choir Member $30, MTTFS, 6pm - 9pm, promotion requirements: 2 body skill points, 1 family friend

You love music and you especially love to sing. And you're even a pretty good singer, which meant that you were accepted into the local choir. You attend rehearsals and concerts 5 evenings per week, which takes up a lot of your time. You do get paid expenses, though, which is pretty neat!

Choir Soloist $40, MTTFS, 6pm - 9pm, promotion requirements: 1 charisma skill point, 1 more body skill point, 1 more family friend

You've really worked on your singing skills, as well as on your "stage presence", and it's paid off - you now get to sing solos during your choir's concerts!

Local Talent Show Contestant $50, MWFSS, 7pm - 10pm

People have complimented you so often on your singing that you are feeling very confident! You have decided to enter a local talent show - perhaps this will be the first step to fame and fortune!

I hope that you all enjoy this career as much as I've enjoyed creating it! :-)

Additional Credits:
Thank you to Superfly, Nysha and Emma Barrett for their awesome tutorials on career creation.

Many thanks to the makers of SimPE - I definitely couldn't have made this without them!

Also many thanks to all of the admins and staff at Mod The Sims - and special thanks for bringing back themes!