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Basic Boxershorts in Solids, Plaids and Stripes

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Uploaded: 11th Dec 2017 at 10:04 PM
Greetings Fellow Simmers
I'm back from the dead again and this time I bring you boxershorts for the sims 4.

I noticed I had a severe lack of decent boxershorts in my game so I decided to make some.

The boxershorts come in a variety of colors and each color in solid, plaid and striped.
All colors sport a black Hanes elastic (in simlish) but are not necessarily available in reality.
If people want them in English rather than simlish leave a comment and I might make them.

The Behind the Scenes Rambling

The Technical Stuff
This uses a mesh that was added in a patch so although it is basegame compatible your game needs to be patched. It uses the valentines boxers mesh and I'm not sure which patch those came with it was so long ago.
Just like the valentines boxers it is made from they are available for female sims when you enable the masculine fashion choice filter.
Made with game version with all packs up to and including Cats&Dogs installed. (not that any packs should be necessary to use this)

Terms of Use
Please do not upload to other sites (including the exchange/gallery) link back to this post instead.
If you use it in a sim send me a link I'd love to see your sim.
Please don't alter or reuse the textures. If you want another color or pattern ask me in a comment or PM and I'll consider making it.

Have a great day and Happy Simming!

Additional Credits:
Franzilla for the simlish font
Those 2 little kids that called me "him" last night and put me in a great mood.