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Newman House Redux

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Uploaded: 8th Feb 2018 at 5:57 AM
Updated: 11th Feb 2018 at 7:29 PM
Back in July, I made this Newman house entry for the Community Spirit Contest:


Under normal circumstances, I could easily just zip up my file and post it here. Unfortunately, I messed up stuff, and decided to rebuild the house from the ground up, with some alterations:
  • Unlike my house in the contest, the foundation of this house is not sunken. While I was OK with having small pets and not having jobs for my cats, without a mod, your large dogs will have problems going down the stairs, and your cats will pretty much be house cats.
  • I did not stick to the budget in the contest, and did put in some CC items, though the list is very short. I like my kitchens to have backsplashes and cabinets, and I really like celebkiriedhel's alarms. However, I tried to keep the budget under 10% of the contest requirement, which places the price for the lot under 38,500 Simoleons.
  • With two dogs and two cats, I found that either my Sims or pets were up all night, and burglars seemed to stay away, so I did not put a burglar alarm in the house. You may want to put one in there, however, just in case you experience Murphy's law and all six Sims and pets are somehow asleep at the same time, or you have a really bold burglar.
  • No bird or womrat, unlike the contest requirements. It is quite a job playing the family and the four pets and remembering to take care of the fish! However, you can move or delete an item or two and put these two missing pets back in, if you desire.
  • I did some wall, floor and decor alterations.

The house has two bedrooms and one bathroom. Sims can use the single bedroom as an makeshift office when a guest is not sleeping over.

The lot is created to be a place designed for pets. The cat nook is a favorite place for felines to hang out.

There is a room to wash dirty pets right near the main door, as well for the cats to use their litter boxes, and the room is closed off so guests won't smell Fluffy's byproducts or whatever Spot rolled in before entering the house.

This house incorporates actual real-life tips for pet-friendly houses that I found on the Internet. The separate pet cleaning room, doors on most rooms (just in case the boss or a client decides to visit regarding an important business matter), food bowls near the kitchen areas, no long curtains on most rooms, fenced yard and separate area for cats are all examples. Also, per these tips, floors are easy to clean (mostly wood and tile), and rugs can be easily replaced. There are also tiled areas by each doors for muddy paws; one right by the cleaning room. The kitchen area is also easy to clean and sanitize. Fortunately, though, Sim cats aren't terribly interested in the fish tank!

Made in a game with CEP (http://modthesims.info/d/92541). The house was built in a game created just for lots, and no Sims set foot in the house in the download. It was playtested for several Sim days in my game. and quite a few human days. Yes, the cats can use the litter boxes. They are facing the right way in the game, though from the angle in the picture, they may look like they're going the other way.

There are no other sites you need for meshes or extra CC. However, as always, I recommend having BoilingOil's No Sim loaded in the game (http://www.leefish.nl/mybb/thread-1665.html, which needs Cyjon's smarter EP check http://cyjon.net/node/323. These should be in your game, even if you don't download lots. Menaceman44's Lunatech Lighting fix is recommended, but not necessary: http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=315720.

The mesh for the backsplashes leads to Riekus13's Tumblr, since he has also done recolors of Mira's backsplashes, and has included the mesh. Another option for the mesh is here, but this download is extremely large (+100 MB) and contains ALL of Mira's downloads: https://2bpsbackup.weebly.com/backu...d-creators-mira . Black Pearl Sims, unfortunately, is no longer around.

Lot Size: 3x2
Lot Price (furnished): 38,435

Custom Content Included:
- Steelate Oven Hood with built-in Smoke Alarm by celebkiriedhel/MTS
- Talido backsplash by Mira/Black Pearl Sims (Site no longer exists)
- Industrial Steelate Wall Cabinet by CTNutmegger/MTS
- Talido backsplash recolor by Casalindas/WordPress

Additional Credits:
Chris Hatch for the Orb.

Those who have freely shared their Sims 2 CC over the years.

Mootilda for her Lights On/Off mod (http://modthesims.info/d/492998)

Joandsarah77 for creating the Community Spirit contest.

tahoe for providing the link to Mira's complete archive, and Riekus13 for including the mesh in his download. Riekus' site in general is a treasure trove for Sims goodies!