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In-And-Out Invisible Pool Spot - For "Athlete" Sims & Large Dogs Swimming

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Uploaded: 2nd Mar 2018 at 2:49 AM
Updated: 3rd Mar 2018 at 8:34 AM

Update 03/0318 :
  • Added a "no pet version" requested by kluless. There's only one file needed and it will conflict with pet version : chose only one set. Beware that this version is still in testing because I don't have any way to test it myself : I count on you, if you get a bug or something not normal, just tell me.
  • Added a fix for the Marco Polo bug, as promised. The file will complete the 3 others (or the only one other file if you chose "no pet" version). I had to default a line in the Marco Polo Controller. See Incompatibities for more details.

Update 02/03/18 :
  • Added tests so that it works fine without Night Life EP installed.
  • made it available for pregnant sim, only if not in last period and if it is to enter the pool (no canon ball jump). You still need a ladder to get out of pool for pregnant sim.
  • Fixed conflict with "GummiluttSwimmingGivesHygieneSeasons" mod


Here is a new little modded object to make our sims fishier (in a good way) than ever !

With this object, sims can dive in the pool from the floor anytime they want : no need to go all the way to the ladder or diving board to get in the pool. And it's way funnier than a ladder !

They can even get out of the pool witout a ladder too, as in real life, with their muscles !

Last (but not the least), because of the Pet theme of February Monthly Contest, I've added a way for large dogs to swim in pool !

Just download the version that you want (pet or no pet) and the marco polo fix, and here you are !


With this pool 2 tiles object, child throught elder get 1 new way to get in pool but 2 animations chosen randomly : canon and straight ; and 1 new "muscular" way to get out of pool. You can place many tiles because the mesh is not heavy at all. Sims start building body skill and fitness enthousiasm while using it of course (the same as pool ladder).
Beware : if you remove this pool spot and there is no pool ladder, sims will die.

About dogs, only large dogs can swim for now, as I haven't made animations for small dogs yet. I don't plan to make it available for cats, puppies and kittens. Remember that dogs can't go out without my pool spot, however I don't think they'll die, they'll keep on swimming... The 3 files in the .zip are needed.

However, if you don't have Pet EP, I've made a "no pet" version : there's only one file, that will conflict with the pet version, and you won't get swimming pets of course !

In addition to those files, you got a default for avoiding the bug when playing Marco Polo.
>> Pet version = 4 files / No pet version = 2 files.

Moreover, you get 2 recolors : blue and invisible. The blue default one is usefull to place or retrieve it, as you won't forget where you've put all of them. Afterwards, thought, it can be set to invisible in live Mode only or always, for one or all. Just set it as you wish by clicking on it "Option".

You'll find it in : >>> Build category > Miscellenous > Pool > 20$
Now poor sims can swim without buying a diving board and pool ladders ! I didn't put it to 0$ so that it shouldn't reduce the environment rating.

Easy to use
first stepJust place as many blue tiles as you want around the pool. If you want, in live mode, click on one to make them all invisible in one click.
easy wayThen, just click on the pool "enter" or on the floor "go here" menus : if there's one nearer to the sim than the ladder or diving board, it will be chosen, otherwise the sim will get in or out as usual.
hard wayNevertheless, you can force the sim to use it by clicking directly on the tile too, if the sim is too far away. There will be a special icon interaction.
restrictionsPregnant sims can't use it, unless they're not in last period and it is to get in (straight jump only) (because, Hey !, beware of the baby !).
autonomous waysims can use it autonomously (the fun attractiveness is the same as the diving board)
autonomous wayLarge dogs can use it with cheats "boolprop ControlPets on", and maybe autonomously (I haven't tested it)

Known Issues


Seasons (because of diving animations) and Bon Voyage (because of the "getting out" animations), and Appartment Life (because I cloned the ladder with it installed).
Obviously Pet EP and the cheat "boolprop ControlPets on" are needed for the pet version.

Hoping you'll appreciate,

Additional Credits:
I've examined a lot of Chris Hatch BHAV, but not his "jump in spot" because mine is from a ladder, so completly different. I've taken his jump in spot's catalog description thought.
I've used many things from maxis (animations, ladder's and jump in spot's bhav).
HugeLunatic's slot tutorial was very useful.
And SimPE obviously.
At last, thanks to d4RE and Rosebine for helping during test process.