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Hannibal Lecter (Mads Mikkselen Edition)

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Uploaded: 14th Jul 2018 at 8:45 PM
I was bored one night and decided to recreate one of my favorite characters. This is the TV (NBC) version of Hannibal Lecter, portrayed by Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen. I watched the movies before, but it was a little boring, no offense. Mads' face was a difficult to recreate, so I used custom sliders to achieve this look as best as I could. He's packaged CC free, so he'll use your amshortcombed hair, brown eyes, and base game amsuit if you haven't defaulted them already.

You can include this sim in your pictures, your stories, and your movies. But please don't change the facial structure (i.e., making him unrecognizable. Changing his eye and hair color is fine), and give credit to me with a link about to this page, and please don't claim this sim as your own .

CC Used in Pics

1) Derek hair [dark blond] by fanseelamb

2) Lincoln Burns [dark blond] by fanseelamb

3) MixedUp's Screenshot Background Rugs (shared by Skoogy in 98 shades)

4) Damask Wallpaper by DeeDee-Sims

5) You Got Planked Floor in Fire Pit by iCad

6) HP 'Devious' made Maxis Match by Aquilegia

7) Pearl's Pinched Drapes by HugeLunatic (shared by shastakiss

8) Kitchen Deco New Vintage Kitchen Sink by Veranka

9) Maxis Match Wall Cabinents by CTNutmegger

10) If It Ain't Baroque Paintings (vertical and horizontal) by yakumtsaki

11) Wine Shelf by Sandy @ ATS2

12) Books Pile by Adele

13) Early American Colonial Style Fireplaces by CTNutmegger

14) Gluttony & Feed my Beast food plates by kativip

15) Mounted Stag Heads by Crisps&Kerosene

16) A Hard's Day Filth box overlay by Fractured Moonlight

17) Maroon eyes and bloodied clothes by me


I forgot where I got the bookcases and the knives (the ones he's holding) from but I will update this when I find them

Custom Content by Me:
- MTS_Primavera_HannibalLecter_CCfree

Additional Credits:
1) Mads Mikkelsen for his amazing performance as Hannibal Lecter

2) all the creators I listed for their CC

3) Bodyshop

4) Gimp 2.10

5) Eaxis