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fanseelamb's Puppydog Hair as Default Replacement of amrodhumblehair

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Uploaded: 8th Jul 2018 at 7:38 PM
So this was something I was working on for weeks. After many trials and errors I gave up and forgot about it, only to discover this tutorial. And I managed to finally accomplish this ! So here's the rundown:

I love fanseelamb's Puppydog Hair for Boys of All Ages, an edited version of the Rod Humble hair made for a TV character they recreated. But since the hairs were so similar it became my top hair choice and I wanted to replace the Rod Humble hair with this one, thus bringing me here. I did check to see if anyone did this before but I found nothing, so I took up the opportunity.

Everything is binned and included in one neat little package and compressed so it'll save you space. I also did a quick test run in my game and it works well so it should do so in your game :D. Only thing different about this is that this hair is available for YM/AM/EM only, but fansee made the original for toddlers, kids, and teenagers if you want to complete the set.

As always: You can include this hair in your pictures, your stories, movies, and, if you choose to, uploaded Sims. As long as the uploads are on free sites (no pay-sites or illegal sites), and give credit to both me and fanseelamb (as they created this hair) with links back to our downloads, and please don't claim these as your own .

Custom Content Used In Pics:

1) parts of my fanseelamb eye recolor set

2) aquilegia's brows and Remisim's defaulted aquilegia's brows

3) MixedUp's Screenshot Background Rugs (shared by Skoogy in 98 shades) with these additional colors

Have fun and let me know what you think! If you come across any issues let me know ASAP, I looked over it thrice to make sure I included everything necessary for it to work.

Polygon Counts:
734 polys (the same as the original mesh).

Additional Credits:
1) fanseelamb for their cute hair mesh

2) mooglesims for the tutorial

3) The Compressorizer

4) SimPE & GIMP 2.10

5) Bodyshop

6) EAxis