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Asher & Jeshal for EM

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Uploaded: 20th Oct 2018 at 3:28 AM
I really liked the separate tops and suspender bottoms here for my Victorian hood, but they had them for every age except elder.

So, when the Elders theme came up I decided to convert them.

They consist of a top separate and a bottom separate for Elder Male Everyday. The suspenders are attached to the bottom and therefore might clip with some tops. Fat morph, but no preg morph.

Thanks to GodLimpingBy for the original outfits.

Polygon Counts:
emsuspendertop = 1246
emsuspendersbottom = 1622

Additional Credits:
From GodLimpingBy's credits: M for the linen shirt texture, Skell and Fantasyrogue for the suspenders, Hugelunatic for extracting the oxford files from Sims 4 for me.