Christmas Ornament Toys for Cats

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Uploaded: 4th Dec 2017 at 3:10 PM
Updated: 6th Dec 2017 at 5:25 AM
WARNING: Never let your real life cat play with ornaments or the tree unsupervised. Tree pieces and ornaments can be fatal if ingested!

I saw a cat toy for Sims 3 that looked like a Christmas ornament that had fallen off the tree and I wanted one for Sims 2. Then I got creative. XD

The first toy is cloned from the catnip mouse, but shouldn't overwrite it. Cats can play with it like with the mouse and it has a destroyed state like the mouse (couldn't do multiple colours for the destroyed state, so as well as chewing it in half the cat has also scratched all the paint off).

The second toy is a clone of the wall cat toy with the wall attachment and cord removed (but won't overwrite it). This one is meant to actually be put on the Maxis Christmas tree, so your simcats can play with the tree.

As you can see from the picture it needs to be put at a specific spot on the tree so that the cat doesn't complain that the tree is blocking it. Just above the green present with the plumbob on it there's a frond that stretches far enough out that you can use boolprop snapobjectstogrid false and moveobjects on to place the toy on the end, so it's far enough out for the cat to play with, but still looks as if it's on the tree. Like the birdie toy it won't break.

And like the birdie toy it can also be played with by kittens, but I discovered that for them it needs to be further out from the tree to avoid the something's blocking me complaint. As shown in the picture above. This does result in it being a little off the actual tree, but from the front it doesn't show. Finding just the right spot was a PITA. XD I even tried a walk through tree and the cat walked through it and then complained that it was in his way. *facepalm*

Both toys are exactly the same as the ornaments on the Maxis tree and come in all the same colours. I literally opened the tree mesh and pulled off the ornaments. So, they'll match your tree.

Both toys show up under the Pets tab in the catalogue.

Christmas Ornament - Floor - $25
Christmas Ornament - Wall - $60

Both toys will need Pets, or you'll have no one to play with them and if you want a Christmas tree that matches then you'll need HHS.

Thanks to:

ATS Sims for the TS3 ornament (Christmas Ball) that gave me the idea.
omglo for trying to help me with a walk through tree. Turns out the damn cat wouldn't have it.
Thunderwitch for her yarn cat toy that helped me work out how to make the broken state (this is the closest link I could find to the original).

Polygon Counts:
christmasornamentfloor = 80
christmasornamentbroken = 40

cattoychristmaswall = 80

Additional Credits:
SIMelissa, who jogged my memory about it when the Christmas theme came up.
joandsarah77 and ihatemandatoryregister, who helped me out on the forums with how to upload for a theme.