4 Uchuu Boy Outfits for AM, YM and TM

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Uploaded: 2nd Nov 2018 at 12:10 AM
Thanks for checking out this download ♥

Here's some male outfits to go with the female ones I already uploaded! Sorry it took so long to upload these, I actually made them just after I finished the female uchuu outfits, but it turns out I'm a lump, and I've also got a big gig in my regular job that I'm working on.

Rambling aside, here's the deets!
They're both for males, and there is an adult/YA and teen version of all the colours, contained in the same zip but separate folders. You'll find them in casual, athletic, and outerwear categories! they're on eaxis ambodyhoodedsweatshirtboardshorts and tmbodyhoodedsweatshirtboardshorts meshes, both base game, so you don't need to download any extra meshes.

The textures are largley based on the original maxis textures.They cole in 4 flavours, labelled for your convenience: Grape pop, Starry eyes, Hyper candy and Rasberry bubblegum. All of the galaxy and planet/star patterns are my own, as well as the artwork in the tshirts! I've already uploaded a recolour pack which have all the patterns and artwork in PNG format, which you can find here. You are free to use these! But please credit that post, and no commercial/paysite use, thankyou!

Resorces used to make the recolours:
Maxis hoodie board shorts texture ♥ everything else is mine and available to download for your own use!


With love from Katsurin! ♥ ⃛ヾ(๑❛ ▿ ^๑ )