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Carly Schultz - a Maxis Match Sim

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Uploaded: 30th Mar 2019 at 10:50 PM
Updated: 31st Mar 2019 at 6:16 AM by Averex

It's definitely been a hot minute or two since I've uploaded any content, and I've been wanting to do an upload like this for awhile now, so here I am!

It occurred to me that there are a lot of people here on MTS who play in a more Maxis-match style, and pretty much all my uploaded sims thus far make use of a lot of CC that has a realistic vibe to it. So I figured it might be fun to try creating a Maxis Match sim for a change!

Her name is Carly, and I hope you guys enjoy her as much as I enjoyed the challenge of staying away from excessive CC

The CC used in this sim is VERY sparse. The only things that are CC are her hair and her lipstick, both of which are distinctively Maxis Match.
Here are the links if you would like to get them:

Emma Hair by AHarris00Britney

Studded Kiss Lipstick by Batsysims

(For the lipstick, I offered an additional link that takes you directly to the Sim File Share download because the creator's website is currently under construction and a bit hard to navigate at the moment. I was personally only able to scroll down to the download on it by using my touch screen, and since not everyone has that, I figured it would be best to include a direct download link as well as the creator's website to properly credit them )

Here are Carly's outfits:

As you can see, no CC at all is used in her clothing. However, many of them are from EPs/GPs/SPs. If you would like to know which packs are needed to have all of her clothing appear as shown, take a look below.

Once again, I hope you guys like Carly! Let me know if you guys think I should make more Maxis Match sims in the future, because I really did enjoy this!