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Puma Pack Athletic Set

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Uploaded: 27th Jul 2019 at 8:34 AM
Updated: 3rd Aug 2019 at 3:55 AM
Greetings Simmers.
After a LONG hiatus I have returned with an offering.
I thought I'd kick off my reentry to MTS with my Puma Pack Athletic Set:

The zip contains three clothing files for your game:
Puma athletic tops
Puma athletic shorts
Puma Tri-Run SL Mesh sneakers

The sets are made for Males Teen - Elder.
(My creations focus on males because sim guys have so little when it comes to clothing compared to sim females ).
Games Required: Base Game
Clothes Categories: Athletic, Everyday, Hot Weather, Career

Since the beloved color wheel from The Sims 3 did not make it to The Sims 4and we are, once again, working with a "What you see is what you get" mentality from The Sims 2, I decided the magic number I chose for variety in my creations is 25! Yep; that's right. No typo here.

Each file contains twenty-five shirts, shorts, and sneakers to choose from. I've also made them as matching sets so you can mix and match the outfits at your leisure. These files require only the base game to see the outfits in Create-A-Sim (CAS).

The last detail I would like to mention is there are five outfits that are labeled as Signature. What this means is that these designs are a bit more elaborate than the others and the tops I've made come with two bottoms instead of one. This means that instead of having 25 shorts in the Puma Athletic Shorts file you have 30!

I hope that you like my Puma Pack Athletic Set as an initial offering and hope that I am able to bring more goodies to the men of The Sims 4. Enjoy!

Additional Credits:
Matte Lipgloss - One Billion Pixels: http://one-billion-pixels.blogspot....-for-males.html
Hair - Kijiko: http://kijiko-catfood.com/nightingale-ts4-edition/
Eyelashes - Kijiko: http://kijiko-catfood.com/3d-lashes...lashes-edition/
Eyebrows (201711) - S Club: https://www.thesimsresource.com/dow...11-/id/1389626/
Eye Contacts - Aveira: https://thesimsresource.com/artists...311/id/1315438/