Sunny Side Up Second Empire Victorian Estate

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Uploaded: 20th Dec 2019 at 6:16 PM
Updated: 20th Dec 2019 at 5:17 PM
SUNNY SIDE UP SECOND EMPIRE VICTORIAN ESTATE --- As per all my uploads, I used NO THIRD PARTY CC. Built with game version 1.67.

HISTORY: Sunny Side Up was originally built in May for Kgaff in the aMAYzing gift exchange. As much as I loved the exterior and was proud enough to share it with her, the interior was too hard to work with, so she was left with an unfurnished version with awkward spacing (it was next to impossible to place the stairs! ). Yesterday(12/17/19), I went back in game in order to make more room on the inside, so I could finally make an appropriate layout. So, what was originally a 30 X 30 lot, Sunny Side Up now sits on a 30 X 40. The originally design of the home is almost exactly as it was in the original, but because of the extension in the back of the home, the landscaping there is a little different, but a LOT more roomy!

NOTE: I have an easy to access unfurnished version of this build that requires less EPs/SPs and store content than the file I have provided here. If you love this lot, but are concerned that you don't have all the required content for 'the look' and/or want to furnish the interior of the lot yourself, this UNFURNISHED version is also available on the official sims 3 exchange. The lot price is considerably less ($129,484) and includes everything on the exterior of the home. 1, 2, 11, 12, 13, 14 of store content listed below is needed to achieve the exact exterior of this look.

Sunny Side Up is a beautiful blend of Second Empire Victorian design with tropical and Spanish style decor.
3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms.
*Recreational room in attic is empty for you to furnish as you wish.*

Furnished: $233,211
Unfurnished: $108,058


1. Dragon Valley: Dragons Ridge Roof Extender

2. Monte Vista: Bello Fiore Flower Box

3. Edwardian Expression Kitchen- Ornate Over Oven Fume

4. Edwardian Expression Kitchen- Charming Culture Counter

5. Edwardian Expression Kitchen- Charming Culture Counter Island

6. Edwardian Expression Kitchen- Felicity Cultivator Refridgerator

7. Edwardian Expression Kitchen- Haute High Hanging Wall Shelf

8. Edwardian Expression Kitchen- Toasty Fine Flame Finish Stove

9. Vineyard Heirloom Chiffonier

10. Vineyard Vittles Dining Table

11. Care-Free Wild Flowers

12. Color Me Chimney Top

13. Color Me Chimney Stack

14. Color Me Chimney Base

15. Jack, Jill and Rolling Hills

16. India Inspired Bedroom- Bangalore Wall Sculpture

17. Kingdom of Cambodia Bedroom- Khmer Rug

18. Rust and Candles Ceiling Light

19. A Bust of Some Famous Guy