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Gradient CAS Screen

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Uploaded: 26th Jan 2020 at 6:25 PM
Mod is compatible with PC: / Mac: (16.01.2020) update

It's finally here!
Feel the colors with those 30 variants of gradient for Your CAS background. Use them standalone or do a match with my other mod Custom Color Loading Screen. Just pick one from the photo list below, download proper file, unzip and put into Your Mods folder. Blob Remover included

18 variants compatible with Custom Color Loadings Screen mod click photo to expand

Sorry, I wasn't able to do all 24 CCLS's variants, since CAS background is an IMG file, and not an encoded resource, some colors delaminated and created unpleasant results.

12 brand-new variants click photo to expand

Please use ONLY ONE file at a time

Archive with all files included in Download section, in case anyone wants everything in one place.

For best CAS performance
I highly recommend to use Luumia's Neutral Spotlight, to remove green/blue backlight
Blob Remover makes the "blue circle" under sim disappear in CAS.

Graphics were created in 1080p resolution, they might appear different on other screen resolutions

Additional Credits:
Package Editor