AquaBox Makeover Kit

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Uploaded: 6th Feb 2020 at 1:34 PM
Updated: 16th Jun 2020 at 9:40 AM
I thought it would be nice to have a few placement slots under the fish tank, so.. I ended up with four new objects

Now you can customize the heck out of your base game aquarium,
or just add more light and plants to the dear old thing.

Makeover kit includes:

Three "empty" recolors of AquaBox Five-Gallon Aquarium - invisible shelves and decor, glass sides or no glass.

AquaBox Overlay - Plants & Lamp - 299 S - master mesh containing four plant colors and two background options - black and transparent,
AquaBox Empty Overlay - 298 S (just lamp, needs master),
Buy mode/Decorative/Miscellaneous, next to AquaBox fish tank.

- Use "moveObjects on" cheat to place these over the aquarium
- To switch the light on/off, click on water surface
- Fish tank options can be accessed by clicking front glass (or plastic bits - when viewed from the back).

AquaBox Console- 300 S - found in Buy Mode/Surfaces/End Tables
Fits right under the fish tank, has three placement slots on lower shelf and one on top.
Metal frame pulls texures from "Bovinia Fridge".

Hollow Rock Sculpture - 69 S - Buy Mode/Decorative/Sculptures
New "cave" for the fish Four shades (included). The base pulls textures from "Transport Urn" sculpture.

Known issues:
Sometimes after Sims leave the lot and return, AquaBox interior (with Overlay) becomes noticeably darker.
It goes back to normal after the lot is reloaded again, or when you grab and move the fish tank.
It could be related to lighting glitches that came with later expansions.

I've generated random GUIDs for these items.

As always, remember to check if new objects you put in your folders show up in the game.

Custom content in the screenshots:
Dahlen books
Chevron carpet
Flower vase by me

Polygon Counts:
Overlay Lamp & Plants: 1223 poly
Overlay Empty: 146 poly
Console Table: 806 poly
Hollow Rock Sculpture: 592 poly

Additional Credits: SimPE Compressorizer