A Bunch Of Defaults

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Uploaded: 28th Oct 2020 at 9:06 PM
Updated: 14th Apr 2021 at 9:01 AM
here are my default replacements for base game items
(and a few TXMT defaults for BonVoyage, and one for NightLife )

If there are multiple color options, pick ONE.
Place the files directly in your Downloads folder.

Update: added Orange Bar Bottle that was missing.

Replaced TXMT for existing recolors/shades (tiny file size):

On The Pedestal - Bronze & Marble
(initially I forgot to mention Marble - looks almost the same as original, just not as bright)
Wild Bamboo - Light
A-maze-ing Hedge
Garden Glow Spotlight

Modart Noudeco Mirror - edges and the back

Shu Shu Lion Male & Female - Gold
Your Biggest Fan Palm
Spider Lily

Replaced mesh & TXMT:

Wedding Ring
Glass of water (tap)
Bar Glass (aka Tumbler) & Bar fluids
Secure Sentinel
Little House Lantern

Replaced texture & TXMT:

Hydroponic Station - Plant

Replaced mesh, TXMT & texture:

Bar Bottle
Bar Tray
Dynasty "Enlightenment" Lamp


Wedding Ring: 192 poly [unchanged],
Bar Tray: 320 poly [was 140],
Bar Glass: 384 poly [was 132],
Glass of Water: 352 poly [unchanged],
Bar Bottle: 636 poly [was 370],
Dynasty "Enlightenment" Lamp: 928 poly [was 1183],
Secure Sentinel: 1054 poly [was 1022],
Little House Lantern: 1406 poly [was 1459].


CC Wallpaper:
grasscloth wall by Lalabus

Additional Credits:
SimPE, Blender, Compressorizer