[3to2] Kenai (Brother Bear)

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Kenai is Base Game compatible.

Kenai (Joaquin Phoenix, Patrick Dempsey) is the protagonist of Disney's 44th animated feature-length film Brother Bear (2003) and its sequel (2006).

Kenai is the youngest of three brothers, his totem being the bear of love. Can you teach him the ways of his totem, or will he be led astray?

A few comments from the creator:
Yeah I've decided I should start making some of my Sims 3 characters for Sims 2. Now that I've got it working it would be a wasted opportunity not to.

At first, I thought of imitating Hyung86's Disney University version of him, but then just went with a sort of 'modern' version of his outfit from the movie.

I did my best in terms of the face with the reference images I had. For example, what may have looked closer or larger/smaller in one screencap may look different in another, and I've tried to sculpt him accurately while drawing from several images. Obviously you can never get it 100% accurate, but I'm still pretty proud of how he came out.

If I get the chance I'll do more.

Hope you enjoy having him in your game!

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Base Game compatible
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Base Game compatible
Gender: Male
Ages: Adult, Young Adult
Category: Everyday, Athletic, Outerwear
Type: Outfit
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Additional Credits:
- This Sim has been checked and packaged with Mootilda's Sims2Pack Clean Installer V1.6.22
- References images taken from Animation Screencaps, including the bear emblem on his hoodie