PTO Global Mods Versions 3 and 5

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Uploaded: 16th Feb 2020 at 10:30 PM
Lientebollemeis asked me to help her make some PTO global mods, so I looked into it. She and lordtyger9 then helped with testing of them afterwards. These mods make the bcons that come with careers obsolete. They make all careers respond in the same manner, both maxis and custom, and give the same amount of time off. The only exception is for the life time aspiration points that came with Freetime. There are two versions for base game through seasons, PTO 3 and PTO 5. The Freetime through Mansions version is essentially the same except for the fact that the lifetime of luxury life time award makes the game build them even faster. You can actually use the base game version if you wish to not get any benefit from the life time award for whatever reason. PTO 3 builds a vacation day up after 3 days of work. PTO 5 builds a vacation day up after 5 days of work.

With the award, PTO 3 builds one up after about 2 days, and PTO 5 after about 4. These are approximate.

As far as mod conflicts, I don't know of any personally, except for the obvious one of making it where all custom careers respond in the same manner, so it essentially wipes out whatever settings they have for PTO and makes it a moot point. The exact name of the bhav changed is Sub- AccumulatePTO and the group number is 0x7F8F4EB6 so anything that conflicts with that will conflict with this.

If you have from Base game to Seasons please use either PTO3 or PTO5 base game versions (one set for 3 days, one set for 5 days). If you have Freetime to Mansions please use the PTO3 freetime or PTO5 freetime versions.