Lovat Fields Retirement Village

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Uploaded: 3rd Apr 2020 at 2:58 PM

Long time, no see, sorry about that, but with this Covid-19 playing havoc with my social life I now have more time on my hands, although I have found some online choirs to join in with ? not quite the same as the real thing but it?s helping. Onto the upload?

This is gated community complex, built mainly for our elderly/retired simmies. Each of the four apartments is decorated differently but all have the same layout. They each have two bedrooms and one family bathroom with a large kitchen/dining room and a separate lounge. They have a small private garden area. The second bedrooms are decorated with a view to grandchildren coming to stay, but of course you can change this to whatever you want. There is also a community area and large garden to the rear of the complex. The community area has a small gym, reading nook, TV corner, dining area and somewhere to play board games. To the left of the complex I have divided the area into little ?gardens? with a potting shed, so the residents have their own mini allotment garden. I do hope you enjoy playing this set of apartments.

Please note
The loungers pictured set on the diagonal but the file has been saved with them straight.
The easel requires a mod for it to work on the diagonal
Most of the plants are placed off grid so will require a gardening mod such as one of the following:
Twojeffs gardening mod
dickhurt at mts gardening mods
cyjon's sims 2 mods n stuff trim inaccessible bushes

Custom content not included
Tall column (you will need the bathroom shelf as well as it is the master file) Mustluvcatz
Home office desk by Quaint Designs michelle

Lot Size: 5x4
Lot Price (furnished): $2819 - $2927

Custom Content Included:
- Path to Meadow - July Terrain Paint by Gwenke33 @ MTS
- Blue Bambi Wallpaper by Gena1985 @ MTS
- Tiny tile blue mosaic wallpaper by HugeLunatic @ MTS
- 2 tile Victorian curtains by IgnorantBliss @ MTS