Balmoral Cottage

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Uploaded: 4th Mar 2017 at 9:23 PM
Updated: 4th Mar 2017 at 10:34 PM
Balmoral Cottage

Balmoral Cottage has two bedrooms and is suitable for a couple with two children. Currently the second bedroom is decorated for boys but it would be easy to change the decor for girls. The cottage has an extensive garden and boasts a swimming pool with hot tub, a fountain pool and a large pond. It has an orchard with various fruit trees and a large play area for the boys, including a treehouse! The rest of the garden is landscaped with a variety of shrubs and trees, all of which are placed off grid so as most of the plants will be inaccessible to your sims I suggest you use one of the following garden mods:

Twojeffs gardening mod
dickhurt at mts gardening mods
cyjon's sims 2 mods n stuff trim inaccessible bushes

A copy of the cottage has been playtested. I have pushed the chairs in using the move on cheat for picture taking purposes, they are set correctly for playing. Please note that the fireplace is not functional on the diagonal.

Custom content not included
Wooden playground set by Phaenoh -
Rope ladder
Playground sun cover

Modular Stairs, Fence, Gate & Column Add-Ons by HugeLunatic -
Uprite column
Wood fence gate light wood
Wood fence gate

Lot Size: 4x5
Lot Price (furnished): 170,737

Custom Content Included:
- Art Deco Alarm Clock by HugeLunatic@S2A
- Rope Fence by Cyclonesue@TSR
- Rope netting fence by Cyclonesue@TSR
- Path to Meadow - greystones terrain paint by Gwenke33@MTS
- ANYWHERE Hammock by Ailias@MTS
- Playhouse Tree - Seasonal by mustluvcatz@MTS
- Recolourable Modular Stairs by Numenor@MTS
- Country Window diagonal - Shutterless 1 by Plasticbox@MTS
- Country Window straight - Shutterless 1 by Plasticbox@MTS
- Boston Patio Dining Chair - No Arms by Sailfindragon@MTS
- Boston Patio Dining Table 1 x1 by Sailfindragon@MTS
- Shiftable OMSP 1, Smaller by SilentLucity@MTS
- Shiftable OMSP 1, Smaller (invisible) by SilentLucity@MTS
- Shiftable OMSP 3, Smaller by SilentLucity@MTS
- Shiftable OMSP 3, Smaller (invisible) by SilentLucity@MTS

Additional Credits:
mootilda - lights on and off