Purple Genie Skin! (Maxis-match)

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Uploaded: 9th Apr 2020 at 1:12 PM
Updated: 7th Apr 2020 at 8:39 PM
I've always liked the genie that came with FreeTime. And it got me thinking: how great would it be to move him into a family as a playable Sim, so that he can be a companion to his master or "mistress"?

Adding the genie to a household is unfortunately a no go, because he's not actually a ... Sim. He is part of an objects package in the game files (like Mrs Crumplebottom) and realllly should not be interacted with outside his designated in-game purpose. The safe thing to do would be to recreate him, and that is what I have tried to do.

I could not find the actual genie skin or a Maxis-match purple skin I liked for download anywhere, so I decided to make my own and share it with you.

What is this?
This is a simple custom skin I made that closely matches the genie's skin. I used the 2nd Maxis skin tone as a base and added purple overlays -- and that's it. Nothing else. It is the same skin, just purple!
It's also a full-fledged skin tone that is available for both genders and all ages, from baby to elder. Base game compatible, too.

Modeling the skin in the pictures is Prospero Midlock, my playable genie (named after the NPC genie), accompanied by his "mistress", Nellie.

Mod you should know about:
- Midgethetree's mod 'Genie Wishes For Witches And/Or Playable Genies' (give a Sim the ability to grant genie wishes) Read more/get it here!

Custom content used in pictures:
- Full-body genie outfit by skellington7d @ MedievalSims (I use the 'depurpled' version, for which no EP is required)
- Featherless FreeTime turban by Rosebine (Turban itself and/or a default replacement requires FreeTime)
- Prospero's eyes: TS2 GEMS Maxis-Match eyes (colour: Iolite) by Brewing Ale
- Eyebrows: Maxis Match Brows + Defaults by rainstorm25
- Nellie's outfit: default replacement of afbodyknitdressstripes by Mooglesims
- Nellie's hair: aharris00britney's TS4 Sabrina hair conversion for the TS2 by enjoyingmypain
- Freckles by Voleste
- Posebox: Loading Screen by Jaydeesims
- Mixedups Screenshot Background in 42 CuriousB Colors can be found here

As with other custom skins, the file generally goes into your Downloads folder, but be careful about removing it once one of your Sims "wears" the skin in-game (read more here).

NOTE: My genie cannot actually turn into a levitating torso or be surrounded by that pink fairy dust. As indicated, that specific picture was edited :-)

Additional Credits:
Maxis/EA for the blessing that is TS2
TS2 BodyShop
Ribbet: Photo Editor, Collage and Graphic Design Maker