Simlish Social Bunny

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Uploaded: 17th Sep 2022 at 12:29 AM
Updated: 8th Dec 2023 at 2:40 PM
This mod makes the messages sims post on Social Bunny be in Simlish.

It changes the messages on the Social Bunny app to Simlish, allowing players to enjoy the social network features without the repetitiveness.

Info Update 08.12.2023:
Mods compatible with (For Rent patch). No changes necessary.

  • Converts Social Bunny messages to Simlish. Text will appear in Simlish in the Social Bunny app.
  • Works for all game languages.
  • NEW posting opportunities:
    - New Partner - sims will be able to gush about their new partner after asking another sim to go steady.
    - First Kiss - was it exciting or embarrassing? Friends on Social Bunny can now find out
    - Visiting the CityLiving festivals - Sims can post on SocialBunny when attending the Flea Market, Romance Festival, Geekcon, Hijinx Festival or Spice Market using different tones (excited, flirty, happy, etc)
    - Finishing a masterpiece - after sims finish painting a masterpiece they can proudly post about it.
  • Fixes a vanilla game bug where sims are unable to post about drinking bubble tea.
  • Fixes a vanilla game bug where played sims would generate posts autonomously/without being directed.
  • No more quick friends/catfishing from posts. Makes the relationship increases and decreases from posts and reactions almost imperceptible.
  • Lowers the rate at which NPC sims post online. This allows sims to have more online friends without constantly being bombarded by new message notifications.

Installation and usage
  • This mod is incompatible with other mods that manage or change aspects of the Social Bunny app.
  • After you add the mod, all messages on Social Bunny (including the old ones) will appear in Simlish.
  • If you remove the mod, the messages will switch back to the original language.
  • The new posting opportunities are available as long as a sim has a required buff. If a sim has the “First Kiss” buff they will be able to post about it on Social Bunny for as long as the buff lasts. This is different from default game behavior where posting opportunities disappear (actually go on a cool-down) after posting once.
  • The new posting opportunities use existing game text strings (but in Simlish) so there’s no new text strings added to the game.
  • The mod is made up of multiple package files to facilitate feature separation (fixes in one package, new posting opportunities in another, etc). The mod is not modular, all package files are needed for proper functionality therefore please don’t try to delete packages.

Tools and mentions

The mod uses characters from the SimlishDejaVu font by gazifu.

Made possible by the following tools & applications: [Sims4Studio] by Andrew, Scumbumbo’s [XML Extractor], Lot51’s [TDESC explorer] and [String Table Studio] by Frankk.

Would never have existed without the amazing community on the Creator Musings discord.


This is a tuning override mod and will conflict with other mods that also alter the messages that sims post on Social Bunny.

The SocialBunny app comes with High School years therefore that expansion pack is required.