Manly robes for spellcasters and other fantasy Sims

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Uploaded: 16th Jul 2020 at 11:10 AM
Updated: 16th Jul 2020 at 3:08 PM
Here's a little set I made for my own use, and turned out nice enough to share. I was looking for everyday wear for my male spellcasters- there's just not enough fantasy themed clothing out there for the male frame. You can put it on a female frame as well, but it does not look as good.

The robe can be found in CAS under Full Body (masculine)->robes. (7 colors)
The boots can be found in CAS under Shoes (masculine)-> boots (7 colors)
The hat can be found in CAS under Hats (masculine)->with brim (5 colors)

They all have custom thumbnails.

I found a big messy mesh that was probably extracted from a game called Moonlight Blade by a Chinese modder, FenDuDu-DT. This can be found here .

I extensively modded the mesh, removed all the bells and whistles, reduced the size, and added new textures. Hope you enjoy :-)

Polygon Counts:
Outfit: LOD0 11111 LOD1 11111 LOD2 9975 LOD3 5839

Boots: LOD0 1387 LOD1 1387 LOD2 831 LOD3 554

Hat: LOD0 620 LOD1 620 LOD2 465 LOD3 310

Additional Credits:
I used Blender, Krita and Gimp to make this. I would also like to thank Lyralei for support and advice.