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The Billionaire's Estate

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Uploaded: 1st Sep 2020 at 4:24 AM
Updated: 1st Sep 2020 at 9:44 AM
For the price tag of almost 2.7 million your Sims will get 7 bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, 15 fire places, 4 pools and all of the following perks on a total of 6 floors:

Ground floor: Enter the estate via opulent stairs and through two foyers into a stately two-story gold and marble grand hall with double stairs. You can access a Powder Room, Coat Closet, Laundry Room and the back yard with pool and pool house from here as well.
Following rooms are located on the West Wing:
The Pet Room: all your pet?s needs are taken care of in a cozy blue setting.
Magic Room: A dark-toned room for your Spellcaster Sim.
The Breakfast Room for everyday family dining.
Walk through the China Closet with floor to ceiling storage for your Sim?s most precious China into the main Kitchen, held in a traditional black and white design with a huge island and a direct staircase to the wine cellar below.
Cocktail Lounge: Bring your guests here before dinner is served to enjoy cocktails at the bar with an impressive bottle collection reaching all the way up to the ceiling.
Located at the South end of the West Wing is a Formal Dining Room in an elegant red design with a table that sits eight for those big holiday dinners.

On the East Wing you will find following rooms:
The Atelier for your artistic Sim to paint in.
The Game Room, with every possible game table you can imagine.
The Music Room with a grand piano, keyboard, organ, several guitars and violins. There is also a staircase behind the fireplace leading into the disco and bowling alley downstairs.
The Bubble Lounge: Enjoy blowing bubbles in this playfully designed room.
Family/TV Room: A huge TV with game console can be found in this opulent designed room held in violet colors.
Study/Library: This fully dark wood paneled room is two stories high and offers a staircase leading to a gallery. The display of a suspended ship bow and mast takes full advantage of this double story height room. There is also a staircase leading downstairs into the ?Library of Curiosities?.

Basement: The central area of this level contains the Spa Area, featuring a calming green design, with lots of greenery, waterfalls and a pond. Here your Sims can enjoy massages and meditate in front of a glass wall looking directly into the swimming pool. There are also two Saunas with full glass walls looking into the pool. A Shower and a Powder Room complement this Oasis of Relaxation.

West Wing:
Here you will find a pool lounge with a pool table and another access to the indoor pool and sauna as well as a full-sized Basketball court with a Viewing Area.
Cup Cake Lounge: This adorable cute room held entirely in pink tones contains the cupcake factory, a sitting area with fireplace, a pink fountain and lots of dessert displays. A pink marbled Powder room is located just around the corner.
The Security Room: Lots of TV?s for your security staff to observe the cameras that are located throughout the property as well as the listening device are located here.
Wine Cellar: As mentioned before the wine cellar can only be accessed via the staircase from the kitchen on the ground floor above. This room with a rustic brick/dark steel design contains several bays of custom designed storage solutions for hundreds of wine bottles and barrels, a bar and seating areas for wine tasting.

East Wing:
Access to the Indoor Pool with a Jacuzzi.
A dark themed calming Yoga Room with a glass wall looking into the vegetation of the lily pond from the garden above on one side and a full length of aquariums and pond on the other side will make sure your Sim can find their center.
Further East you will find a three lane Bowling Alley including a sitting lounge as well as a Cinema. A powder room is located here as well and access to the staircase leading into the music room on the ground floor as mentioned before.
Library of Curiosities: This room can only be accessed through the library/study on the ground floor. Lots of peculiar things, like dinosaur bones, skeletons, model ships and planes can be found here on display. The room?s perimeter contains floor to ceiling bookcases. You will have to look very carefully to be able to find the hidden bookcase door giving you access to a narrow staircase leading into the lower basement level.

Lower Basement:
Behind a safe door and a biometric Vault door lies the Gold Storage Room. Here are all the family?s gold reserves stored. A custom designed storage solution for hundreds of gold bars shows off your Sim?s truly immense wealth! A highly secured Money Vault can be accessed through here as well.

Second Floor: All seven bedrooms are located on this level.
The West Wing contains six bedrooms each outfitted with different color schemes. One of which is a nursery while another one ready for a toddler. All bedrooms have opulent marble and gold en-suite bathrooms. One more laundry room is located on this wing as well.

East Wing: This is the Master wing containing a generously sized master bedroom held in light green colors with a seating area and fire place, his and her walk-in closets, the gym and boxing room as well as a pink themed Beauty Salon with styling station and wardrobe platform.
There is also access to the aforementioned two-story library gallery with a music mixing station.

Here you will find a disco with a glass dance floor looking all the way into the grand foyer two stories below. A DJ booth, Powder Room and Shower Room complement this nightlife experience for your Sim.
The East Wing contains a lounge area with a bar and glass wall looking directly into a lap pool on the upper attic floor.
West Wing: Here you will find the Karaoke machine, microphone and .

Upper Attic:
East Wing: Dive into the Lap Pool with a glass roof above and a glass wall looking into the bar on the attic level. Relax in the lounge surrounded by blooming flower walls, watch TV or look down into the disco lounge area through a glass floor. Access to a full bathroom and locker room can be found here as well.

The West Wing contains something very special: The Lilliput Room. Walk right into this peculiar setting amongst a miniature train, cars and a whole town and vegetation surrounded by clouds and a miniature plane with a glass roof above to make your sim feel like Goliath. There is even a lake with a miniature ship that is in fact a swimmable pool for your Sim. Relax on the regular-sized lounge chairs and enjoy the surroundings that are truly out of this world.

Pool house: Back on ground floor level, located at the South End of the property there is a Glass house bursting with plants where your Sim can pursue activities like candle making, flower arranging, wood working, archaeology and even try to change the weather on the weather control device. A staircase leading to the indoor pool area in the basement below can be found here as well. The Pool house terrace houses the Observatory.

Lot Size: 64x64
Lot Price (furnished): 2,694,294