Eco Lifestyle - Roof Pattern - Solar Panels

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Uploaded: 4th Sep 2020 at 4:49 PM
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For more information especially about how to add the solar panels only to a part of the roof, please click this Youtube Video Link:
Eco Lifestyle - Roof Pattern - Solar Panels

Eco Lifestyle - Roof Pattern - Solar Panels
As the Solar Tile roof pattern that came with the Eco Lifestyle expansion pack isn't looking that great in my opinion, I've decided to make a new Solar Panels roof pattern.
It comes in 5 different blue-colored recolors as I wanted it to look as realistic as possible. Now I know that most solar panels are black, but that didn't looked that good in-game.
Just as the Solar Tile roof pattern it produces power and counts towards a Green Eco Footprint. It also has a small positive environment score of 1.

If you want to add the solar panels only to a part of the roof, like can be seen on the thumbnail, then you'll have to work with multiple roof sections.
Always start with a small extra room on top of the floor you would normally add your roof. Make it only a few tiles wide depending on the width of your roof and add a gabled roof to it. This part only functions as the ridge of the roof.
Then for the roof-side on which you want to add the solar panels, start with a gabled roof on one side and make it fit to the ridge of the roof. This can be done by holding shift while shortening the upper eave. Copy-paste it to the other side when you're done, so a gap will appear in between them (unless you want the solar panels on a side that is). Then copy-paste this same roof again, place it in the middle and drag it from the center of the entire roof, out to the edge of the roof. This will make it shorter and the gap to be in between 4 roof section. Copy the side panel one last time and fit it in between the other in the middle (so over that short roof from the former step). Now add the solar panel roof pattern to this last part. You might want to shorten the lower eave (while holding shift), so it won't overlap the 'normal roof'.
As this might sound a bit complicated, I've also showed how to do this in my video. Click the video link at the top for more information about it!

Object information:
This mod requires the Eco Lifestyle Expansion Pack.
It's a Standalone pattern, so it won't override any other patterns in game.
To find it, go to the roof pattern section in build mode.
It can be recognized by my "BakieGaming" icon in the lower right corner of the thumbnail.
The costs are: 0 Simoleons

Game Requirements:
Eco Lifestyle Expansion Pack

Game Version:
Tested with gameversion:

Custom Content visible on the Thumbnail made by me:
Animated - Sprinkler
Animated - Steamy Street Storm Drain
Animated - Placeable Birds - Pigeons
Natural Branches Fence
Animated - Placeable Birds - Chickens
Animated - Flowers + Bumblebees

Other Creators:
Chicken Coop made by Icemunmun

I hope you like this Eco Lifestyle Solar Panels roof pattern and if you do, please leave a comment!
If you want to use it in screenshots or videos, be sure to give me some credit!

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Additional Credits:
Thanks to the Sims 4 Studio
Thanks Adobe for making Photoshop