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Catriana Roze

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Uploaded: 15th Sep 2020 at 8:13 PM
Meet Catriana, your typical materialistic and narcissistic girl. Yep, that's basically her, unquenchable lust of simoleons and attention. Plus, she can't really stand of low-grade properties, for being a snob. Despite all of that, she's still far from an awful person. She really likes to socialize and mostly being friendly to every person she met, regardless their status. She may also be your good listener.

This is my first creation. I decided to upload one of my main model. She's been here for quite some time, adjusted her countless times, with thousands of mods I've installed. That means she's not no-CC-friendly. Today, the day I'm not so lazy, decided to upload her here, on MTS. I've done citation for all CC required (which obviously are free) and some optional ones if you want her to look like mine in-game.

Here's required CC:
1. Skin:
  • Skintone Set v3 by Ms Blue: CLICK
  • K Face Skin v.1 by HESS: CLICK
  • Female Skin 18 Skin Overlay by RemusSirion: CLICK

2. Hairstyle:
  • Hayley Female Hairstyle by Cazy: CLICK also retexured by wasssabi: CLICK
  • Emma Hairstyle by Anto: CLICK
  • Night Star 2in1 Hairstyle by Nightcrawler: CLICK

3. Clothing:
  • Madlen Laura Boots by MJ95: CLICK
  • Kitty Paws socks by Saruin: CLICK
  • Mona Pantyhose Collection by MS Blue: CLICK
  • Summer Breeze Shirt I (Solid) by Rusty: CLICK
  • Summer Breeze Shirt II (Stripe) by Rusty: CLICK
  • Celebration Pants by Aveira (my beloved CC creators now she's retired ): CLICK
  • Demolition Skirt by EvellSims: CLICK
  • INKA - Mini Dress by Helsoseira: CLICK

4. Makeup:
  • KV Blush by Katverse: CLICK
  • Eyebrows 04F by S-Club: CLICK
  • Eyes #8 - Remake (facepaint and non-default) by Aveira: CLICK
  • Eyeliner 01 by Lutessasims: CLICK
  • Eyeliners 201903 by S-Club: CLICK
  • Eyeliners 202001 by S-Club: CLICK
  • Lips #9 by Aveira: CLICK
  • Nosemasks by PYXIS: CLICK
  • Eyeshadow N36 by Seleng: CLICK
  • 3D Lashes Version 2 by Kijiko: CLICK

And some other optional CC:
1. Sliders:
  • Arm Thickness Slider by vibrantpixels: CLICK
  • Body sliders (Calf, tights, and hip) by vibrantpixels: CLICK
  • Female Chest Depth and Width Slider by Hellfrozeover: CLICK
  • Definitive sliders by LUUMIA: CLICK
  • Face sliders by obscurus: CLICK
  • Expanded Nose Width Slider by Teanmoon: CLICK
  • Mouth Scale Slider by Teanmoon: CLICK
  • Breast Separation Slider by CmarNYC: CLICK
  • Extended Butt and Hips Sliders by gzckrg: CLICK
  • Shoulder Height Slider by Hellfrozeover: CLICK

2. Acc:
  • Ear piercings(only Hoop set 01, 02, and 05 required) by Camille @blogsimplesimmer: CLICK
  • Glossy Short Nails N13 by Parlinesims: CLICK
  • Emily Choker by Riptide-CC: CLICK
  • Kitten Heels by SLYD: CLICK
  • Detailed Teeth for Adults by Magic-Bot: CLICK
  • CCs by S-Club:
  1. ) Watch 202002: CLICK
  2. ) Watch 202004: CLICK
  3. ) Bracelet 202001: CLICK
  4. ) Earrings 202001: CLICK
  5. ) Necklace 202009: CLICK
  6. ) Necklace 202005: CLICK
  7. ) Rings 202004: CLICK
  8. ) Rings 202005: CLICK

Note: with the current built, this sim does not support HQ mod since some CC's stuck at normal res. Sorry, can't do anything about that.

Oh, you also need Island Living, Get to Work, Vampires, Spa Day, Moschino Stuff, and Vintage Glamour Stuff installed.

Installation: Install all required CCs (and optional ones too if you want), download the file and extract everything in your tray folder. Launch the game and load the sim from the gallery. Don't forget to tick "Include Custom Content".
Aannd, that's pretty much it. Happy simming everyone

Custom Content by Me:
- Catriana Roze - Other Sims

Additional Credits:
Aveirasims for her amazing creations and inspired me to create fabulous sims