Aleksy Vatore

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Uploaded: 20th Oct 2020 at 7:46 PM
Updated: 20th Oct 2020 at 7:14 PM - Deleted gallery link.

I'm sharing a sim who was born in my casual gameplay, his facial features and overall look were interesting enough so I decided to share him at some point.

I wasn't planning to share this sim at first, because he was just another sim (4th generation since the beginning of the save) in my played Caleb Vatore's family. But I shared screenshot of him on facebook group and someone asked me to share tray files of him, but including cc with download would take more than 700 MB so I decided to include all cc links in text file just in case. While saving him in my library I thought - I can make good screenshots of him and share it here too, so others can enjoy this little gem too. So here you go
As I mentioned above, I included cc list in zip file, but I'll link all of it here too, to credit all cc creators.
And sorry for huge amount of cc, but he just wasn't planned to be shared at first.

He'll be missing one trait, because he was using Basemental Drug's clubber trait, I didn't included it, so one trait slot will be free.

His traits are: mean and squeamish. Bonus traits: Gregarious, Top-Notch toddler, Night Owl.

His aspiration: party animal.

His skills:
lvl 6 charisma and video gaming
lvl 4 fitness and logic
lvl 2 photography, mischief, singing, dancing and handiness
lvl 1 cooking, guitar, painting, violin, pipe organ, DJ mixing, comedy and writing.

His everyday clothes:
Younzoney's high neck sweater 01s
Nucrests tucked tshirt
DeathPoke1qa's trad goth collection tee
Rusty's half sleeve henley-neck reglan t-shirt

Clumsyalien's pete jeans

Darte77's converse all star sneakers

His formal outfits:

aharris x ayoshi blaine sweater v2 from axa 2020 set
Trillyke's good guy jumper
plumbob tea society's rustic romance male white tucked shirt

Joliebean's prom 2019 In Demand trousers
Clumsyalien's orion trousers

His athletic outfits:

Saurus Rainbow Collection white tucked shirt
Ridgeport's damn male tank top

His sleepwear outfits:

Boxers are by Nucrests

His party outfits:

Joliebean's 1999 male shirt

Pleyita's basic solid color sneakers for adults
WyattsSims's oxford shoes
MMsims's shark tooth sneakers

His hot weather outfits:

Cement's tucked raglan tee
Clumsyalien's casper shirt

Madlen's taylor shoes

His cold weather outfits:

Nucrests's long puffer jacket v2
Rusty's autumn coat

Liliili's scarf 2
Saurus's nutmeg beanie

If some piece of clothing is repeating through the outfits, then I'm not linking it more than once. And some of clothes and shoes are from the game too.

Hair used:
Oydis's Rowen hair

Lamatisse's Bare skintones, genetic merged version

Other stuff - skin details etc:
Kijiko's eyelashes, YU version 2 uncurled skin detail version
Imadako's skin detail eyelid redness
Pyxis's summer skeletons v2 nosemasks
simthing clever's setsuki edges - skin detail hairlines
Heihu's cheekbone skin details
Pyxis In Our Talons catchlight overlays tattoo
Lamatisse's butterish skinblend
Stretchskeleton's eyebrows 17
Simmandy's baby eyes skin detail

Defaults used:
Luumia's Vanilla skin, fixed by MyHeartSims
Squeamishsims's Beetle eyes
Hellfrozever's pearly white teeth
Cień z r?żą No ea eyelashes
Magic bot's default feet v6

Custom Content by Me:
- Aleksy Vatore

Additional Credits:
Sims 4 Tray importer to track all CC