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WBP's 4t2 shirt - 34 recolors

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Uploaded: 26th Nov 2020 at 10:04 PM
Here are 34 recolors of an Everyday Top shirt with cuffed sleeves for an Adult Male Sim,

4t2 EP01 ShirtCuffedPocket mesh was converted by WeBluePeace
You can go to WBP's blog for a link to original 4t2 recolors of this shirt (with a pocket).

Also included:
Repositoried shirt recolor files for male teens and for elders - these require my adult shirt recolors,
and teen & elder mesh convertions by Taylor
You can go to Taylors tumblr for links to TM & EM 4t2 shirt recolors.

I really, really like that shirt! And I though it was a shame that fat morphs clipped with almost all Maxis pants/shorts.. So I decided to do something about it
While at it, I got rid of sharp seams and mysterious "spots" on the chest.
I've also addjusted the TM & EM body shapes and fixed a hole in the neck (teen mesh).

As SFS can be acting weird sometimes, I've included all the meshes
- so you can choose between unedited shirts and my smooth edits.

Big thanks to WeBluePeace for converting this cute mesh to TS2, and to Taylor for making a TM & EM version.

Unedited meshes are 2242 poly each.
Edited teen mesh is 2276 poly.

CC pants in the screenshots:
Tryllike LayBack Pants Low Converse (elder)
Kairisu Jae Jeans

3t2 Dreads Long (elder)
Janika 4t2 SP06 Med Relaxed - RentedSpace (adult)
Berry Nooboos - Ade Darren (teen)

io Whysims 44 Eyelids

Additional Credits:
SimPE, Compressorizer