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Shorter Pet Pregnancy 11-21 Hours

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Uploaded: 19th Feb 2021 at 4:33 PM
I never thought I'd see the day when I actually had something to upload here! This is my first upload so if I've done anything wrong please correct me!

I play a megahood with one day rotations, using a 1 day = 1 year age span. I also use Pleasant Sim's 18 Hour Pregnancy for my human sims, but I wasn't able to find anything for pets that was working for me, so I made my own!

What This Mod Does
This mod changes the Pregnancy - Min/Max Hours Pregnant in the Global Pet Tuning BCON Group 0x7FD46CD0. In a vanilla game the length of pet pregnancy varies, the min being 48 hours and the max 60. What I've done is change the min to 11 and max to 21. I've left every other value in the BCON as it was.
Why 11 to 21 hours? I googled pregnancy length for cats, small dogs, and big dogs and using the logic of 1 day being 1 year, these were the numbers I worked out to best suit my play.

I apologize for these terribly thrown together screenshots of my testing. They kept giving birth at night and I wasn't sure how else to show that it was working. The popup comes from ACR - this mod won't do that. It's just to prove the number of hours it'd been.
I did three tests: one big dog, one small dog, and one cat. Please feel free to do even more tests yourself and report your findings to me. (wait I lied I also had Sarah Crittur give birth in my normal play afterwards, so technically that's 4)

Can I Change The Hours?
Yes! Just open this mod in SimPE and put whatever number you want in the Pregnancy - Min Hours Pregnant/Pregnancy - Max Hours Pregnant lines. Click commit, save, and play with your new hours.
Or, alternatively, if you tried this mod and decided you want to go back to the default hours, just simply take the mod out.

Requirements & Conflicts
I have the Ultimate Collection, so I don't know if this would need anything besides Pets, but I doubt it. If someone without the UC wants to test just to be sure go for it!
I don't know what this would conflict with if anything, I don't have any other mods pertaining to pets in my personal game and I didn't have any problems during my testing. I've not ran HDCU on it myself but please let me know if you discover any conflicts with this so that I can update this post!

I hope someone gets some use out of this! In case I've forgotten to mention anything I'd be more than happy to answer any questions anyone has.

Additional Credits:
Cindy/Pleasant Sims for her 18 hr pregnancy mod
MidgeTheTree for teaching me where to even find the BCONs just mere weeks ago
The SimPE people
My wonderful test subject pets that now exist in the void