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Castaway Cat Tree

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Uploaded: 21st Feb 2021 at 11:05 AM
Henlo frens
here is a pretty re-texture :3

it's a cat tree in castaway style am I the only one who loves stuff like this?
to be honest, I don't like the original texture a lot

  • Cats and Dogs Expansion needed
  • In the catalog under Pets -> Pet Furniture
  • Translated into German and English
  • It costs 545$
  • Just in this color
  • Insane sims can talk to it
  • It can get hit by lightning

Polygon Counts:

LOD0: 1934V | 1790P
LODShadow0: 956V | 1788P

LOD1: 1336V | 1078P
LODShadow1: 599V | 1076P

Additional Credits:
Used: Sims4Studio, Photoshop
Texture by: Biguglyhag the Texture is from this bed: link