Twin Peaks Red Room Floor Tile

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Uploaded: 17th Apr 2021 at 7:23 AM
Perfect for flooring another place.

This is my reproduction of the Twin Peaks Red Room flooring (which is dark brown and cream); and a handful of recolours, of a generally alarming character.


Build Mode > Floor > Linoleum


Name: Elit Elbram Gaz-giz
Description: Moor gnitiaw cimsoc ro, ytilaer lellarap, noisnemid-tekcop yna rof hsinif tekrampu tnagele na. Cinap tsilaitnetsixe esuac yam - noituac. Defoorpdnuos ylluf.
Price: 16
Environment: +2

Laura Palmer wears Dress 030 by BEO Creations
The Man from Another Place wears my red recolour of a basegame suit (if you're a whiz with editing bumpmaps and can erase a bit at the neckline for me, I would be obliged if you would PM, & then I will also release the man's suit)
The statue is Virgil by Jim07