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The Dancing Tree: a tree-stereo

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Uploaded: 9th Jun 2021 at 11:07 PM
A belated Beltane present: a magical tree that emanates music, which you can dance around, and also get married under.

Perfect for witches, druids, rangers; camping trips, weenie roasts, and cookouts at the Bluffs; hippy communes, intentional communities in the wilds, and Traveller encampments; historical settings and haunted village greens

How it Works
  • Decorative tree that can be operated like a stereo – for listening to music and dancing under
  • Also works as a wedding arch
  • Equally liked by all ages
  • Higher fun than most stereos (it’s a magic tree!)
  • Behaves like a tree, not a stereo: doesn’t break, use electricity, or get damaged in rain. Works OTG.
  • Custom thought balloon when Sims dance or listen to it
  • Object slots at the bottom of the tree for placing candles, offerings, etc. A couple of object slots in the branches (although it’s on you to figure out what kind of objects will elegantly slot there)


The download package contains four trees. You can safely delete any of the trees you do not want. The behaviour on all the trees is identical.
  • King of the Forest – oak (original green + golden recolour)
  • the Sacred Thorn – hawthorn (original green + golden recolour)
  • the Hidden Grove – unlocked debug item (original colours)

The intent of the golden colours is to represent mallorn trees from Middle Earth.

The fourth tree is a little different:
  • the Party Tree – Movie Hangout SP
  • Comes with hanging, functional lanterns
  • Does not have any object slots because it interfered with the lantern functionality
  • No bonus recolours, but comes with its original large number of swatches

About the Music

The Sacred Thorn is set up with four channels.

When you download the mod, you must place the music folders into the Custom Music folder with your regular Sims music channels, and then you can drag-and-drop songs of your choice

The mod comes with royalty free music to get started.

Here are my suggestions for how to use them - but as you will be choosing the music, you can set different themes which match the names.
  • Call of the Moon: Folk party music
  • Songs of the Ancestors: slow sung folk
  • Mysteries of the Otherworlds: Haunting, elven, magical, fairylike music
  • Dreams of the Beanfield: Pastoral psychedelia, psyfolk, acid folk; the kinds of tracks hippies play at outdoor festivals (summer of ‘69 or contemporary EDM as suits your preferences)
  • Wisdom of Trees: Rumbly,organic, pulsating, like the sound of the forest itself - viking/neolithic/paleo/tribal ambient

I’ve made a list of recommendations at my blog with some of the tracks I use.


I spent a long time trying to add bunting, cluties, ribbons, wreaths to the trees, and I have ideas about little fireflies or mystery glows, or little hanging lanterns; but I am still learning about meshes and basically, my work looked bad.

If you have the skills, enjoyed the tree, and have interest in making it look a bit more special - I’d love to see what you come up with.

If you have a favourite CC tree by another creator and you’d like me to make one as a dancing tree, message me and I’ll attempt to get in touch with the creator and make it happen.

In the Catalogue
  • Build Mode > Trees
  • Off the Grid > Outdoor Activities
  • Search: "Staberinde", "Dancing Tree", or "From the Furrows"


This mod will likely conflict with any other Radio Channel overhaul mods. It edits these three shared files:
  • StereoChannel
  • AffordanceList_stereo_listens
  • AffordanceList_stereo_listens_Musiconly

This download includes a copy of my Custom Music Compatibility Fix, where these files are stored. You should only have one copy of the Custom Music Compatibility Fix mod at a time, and update it to the newest version whenever possible.

If you add new custom channel mods in future, or if EA adds new channels to the game, I’ve written a (moderately easy) tutorial to show you how to manually add channels to your channel lists - it requires Sims4Studio, and a bit of XML editing.


This is my first big mod, so huge thanks to MizoreY, Orangemittens, Kris, denton47, necrodog, the rest of the Creator Musings community, and my partner