TS3_TS2 Jazz Age Living Set

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Uploaded 24th Aug 2021 at 6:26 PM

The Jazz Age Living Set is perfect for creating stylish Sim homes with added touch of glitz and ritz appeal from that lovely bygone era!
Also perfect for mixing and matching with Art Deco/Art Nouveau Collections and the Mansion & Gardens Stuff Pack.

Please note:
I have centered the Carry a Torch for Me Mirror (2x2) and is best placed on a wall with 3 spaces.
The All Dolled Up Curtains do not work on diagonal walls (reverting to the cloned item with the new fabric color).

All Dolled Up Curtains are curtains with a curved top for double-sized windows.
Carry a Torch for Me Mirror (2x1) is multi-faceted elegant mirror.
He's a Live Wire Radio is a small radio that can be placed on most objects with slots.
Hitting on all Sixes Chair is a comfy living chair to match the Real McCoy furnishings.
Hitting on all Sixes Sofa is a comfy sofa (and cheap too).
Jazz Me Up! Photo Series (2x1) is a multi wall hanging - your Sims will need $4000 to own it!
On the Level Bookshelf is a slim and elegant bookshelf with some decorative items as well as books.
On the Up and Up Ceiling Light is a gold-trimmed ceiling lamp.
Real McCoy Bar is a stylish bar with warm honey-colored wood.
Real McCoy Barstool is a stylish barstool and matches the Hitting on all Sixes Chair.
Ritzy Taste Coffee Table is a glass coffee table with honey-colored wood.
That's my Dame Sculpture is a small replica sculpture of a Silent Movie actress.
The Big Cheese Coat Rack is a coat rack displaying a coat and hat. The rack and clothing can be recolored separately.
The Dramatic Palm (2x2) is a plant and the plant pot is recolorable.

The Jazz Age Living zip.file contains all 12 items created from Sims2 base game objects.
The Big Cheese Coat Rack requires the Seasons EP (I opted for this to allow Sims to change clothes rather than a sculpture as in Sims3).
The Dramatic Palm requires the Night Life EP.

Happy Simming!

All Dolled Up Curtains = Polygon 952
Carry a Torch for Me Mirror = Polygon 178
He's a Live Wire Radio = Polygon 458
Hitting on all Sixes Chair = Polygon 968
Hitting on all Sixes Sofa = Polygon 1106
Jazz Me Up! Photo Series = Polygon 974
On the Level Bookshelf = Polygon 785
On the Up and Up Ceiling Light = Polygon 396
Real McCoy Bar = Polygon 994
Real McCoy Barstool = Polygon 900
Ritzy Taste Coffee Table = Polygon 220
That's my Dame Sculpture = Polygon 518
The Big Cheese Coat Rack = Polygon 950
The Dramatic Palm = Polygon 2414

Additional Credits
Thanks to TSR Workshop, SimPE, Milkshape 3D as without these programs creating objects would not be possible.
Also Numenor for CEP and EA Sims3 Store.

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