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Character Values Overhaul

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Uploaded: 29th Aug 2021 at 7:32 PM
Updated: 20th Mar 2022 at 5:00 PM
No update needed for patch 1.85.203
The Character Value (CV) system introduced in Parenthood is underdeveloped and hasn’t been updated in years. Currently, only 12 traits out of the 50+ traits available to Sims have an impact on CVs. Also, if a child ages up with a worrisome trait like “Evil,” their existing CVs will remain largely unchanged. This mod corrects that and goes several steps further.

What This Mod Does

  1. All traits (including Toddler Traits and expansion pack Traits) impact Character Values when a Sim is first created.
  2. Rebalances points needed for earning Parenthood Traits (more info below)
  3. Randomization to ensure that no two Sims are exactly alike.
  4. Character Values now decay over time (very slowly).
  5. Sims with a Character Value in the red behave as if they have the associated negative Trait.
    • ex: a Child Sim with -20 points in Responsibility will behave and roll whims as if they had the Irresponsible trait.
  6. When a Sim ages up, the trait they age up with impacts their Character Values. (Requires XML Injector)
    • Without XML Injector, a Sim's Character Values are only impacted when they are first created in CAS or when they age from a Baby to a Toddler.
  7. All of the boring Character Value notifications ("Sim is in range to earn Responsible trait") have been replaced with 30+ livelier ones
Optional Add Ons
  1. CharacterValuesOverhaul_BlockRewardsAddOn
    • As punishment for poor parenting, certain reward traits are blocked for Sims who have Character Values in the red and Sims who have negative Parenthood Traits (Insensitive, Bad Manners, etc).
    • If you have Outdoor Retreat, put both the BlockRewardsAddOn file and the BlockRewardsAddOn_GP01 file into your Mods folder

Latest Updates
Compatibility Update: 12/04/21
  • Incorporated Zero_PH_Parenthood_Fixes into the mod per request. Delete that mod if you're using this one as it's not needed.

More Detailed Information

Character Value points rewarded by traits are balanced

Points needed to earn negative and positive Parenthood Traits have been modified

Randomness of values

Whims, autonomy, and integration with other mods

Optional Add On: Block Rewards

Character Values are now impacted by all Traits


This mod is NOT compatible with my Lower Threshold for Parenthood Traits mod. This mod is intended to replace that one.
This mod is not compatible with Zero_PH_Parenthood_Fixes. I've incorporated Zero's fix into this mod.

Despite the emphasis on traits in this mod, no trait files have been modified. The main files this mod modifies are the lifeSkillStatisitc XMLs and the LifeSkills_Autonomy buff XMLs. I've yet to encounter another mod that touches these. I've also taken care to make sure that the Whims and Whim Sets my mod touches does not conflict with anything Bienchen's "sims4me_whimoverhaul" touches.

My mod is compatible with mods that increase or decrease the rate at which you gain/lose Character Value points. This includes the difficulty adjustment setting found in MCCC.

For an added challenge, you can use my mod with Kuttoe's "mini mod: parenthood hard mode". But, be warned. You'll be seeing a lot of red!

Some features of this mod require XML Injector

My mod will work fine without it, but if you want ALL the features of this mod, you just need to make sure that you have "XmlInjector_Script_v4.ts4script" in your mods folder. If you already have it, you're golden. If you don't, you can download it here.

If you're hesitant to download XML Injector, you can learn more about it here.

Made with Sims 4 Studio
German translation by granatapfelsaft