Woodland Park Condominiums

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Uploaded: 10th Oct 2021 at 7:50 PM
So I've been building some stuff in Pleasantview and I decided to share! For my very first lot upload, I present Woodland Park Condominiums and Main Street Condominiums. It's one basic layout, but two different designs. You can pick and choose which one you want based on your neighborhood's aesthetic.

Lot Features
1. Both lots are 3 x 4. No Parking Lot Versions are 3x3.
2. Both lots are minimally furnished. You can expect a full kitchen (fridge, counter, sink, stove) and bathroom, beds and dressers, maybe a desk, some alarms and a phone (if I remembered to include them ), and a few decor items. All units have been furnished mostly the same--units on the left side of the building have two single beds in the spare room, while units on the right side of the building have a single bed and a desk in the spare room.
3. Both lots use minimal cc. I really tried to keep the cc list small and only include items that were essential to the lot aesthetic. I also tried to use popular meshes, or meshes from completer sets--so check out the cc list below, you might already have most things in your game!
4. Both lots have:
- 6 units; all units have 2 bedrooms (with closets!), 1 bathroom, and a patio. Woodland Park units cost $1,883-$1,886 and Main Street units cost $2,048-$2,051.
- A first floor Business Center (a bookcase, couch, and two computers) (it's a great spot to put Monique's computer if you have that in your game!)
- A second floor Laundry Room (vending machines, sink, and sitting area; laundry machines are not included--see recommended cc below).
- A third floor TV Lounge
- A ground floor public Patio with a grill, stereo, and dining tables for those apartment parties, as well as a sink and dishwasher to help clean up those parties. (Note: Because there's a dishwasher outside, dishwashers are also in included inside each apartment unit, so sims should not roam all the way outside just to clean up dishes.)
- A functional Parking Lot. Invisible driveway extensions have been set down--if you place cars before sims move in, then any playable apartment resident can use them. Cars will teleport off the lot.

Required CC: Not Included
-Woodland Park Condominiums (the tan one) uses Decorative Sandy Stone Tiles and Sandy Stone Diamonds from the Life Stories Build Bundle by Argon. It's a big bundled set, so the floors have not been included. Please go download it if you haven't already. Otherwise, if you choose not to install it, the floors should be replaced with the Maxis unfinished floor tile.

Required CC: Included
Both lots use:
-CrabofDoom's black recolor of the BG "Wishy-Washer from Brandname LX" dishwasher. Originally uploaded as a 2011 Christmas in July gift to Theraven on Garden of Shadows here; files have been made available thanks to Shastakiss here.
-Frillen's invisible driveway recolor. Most likely originally uploaded to sims2you; the site is now dead. (If you use the No Parking Lot versions, however, you don’t need this.)
-HugeLunatic's Bakonmi 1 Tile Desk
-HugeLunatic's Breech Privacy window and Ebrasure Mid window from OFB International Window Extras
-HugeLunatic's Roman Shades

Woodland Park Condominiums (the tan one) also uses:
-HugeLunatic's White Modular Wood Fence No Posts from Modular Stairs, Fence, Gate & Column Add-Ons
-HugeLunatic's Roman Shade wood recolor
-Michelle's Almost Deco Wall Sconce White Glass recolor

Main Street Condominiums (the white and brown one) also uses:
-HugeLunatic's Unique Separator LACK black recolor
-Veranka's BuBu Door A and F in black from the BuBu Part I - Build Set.

Note: Only the files required for the lots to function were included. This means diagonal meshes were not included. I highly recommend you check out the original download threads and download the full sets for diagonals, additional meshes, and recolors.

Other CC: Pictured/Used in Building But Not Required
Driveway extensions on both lots were placed using Mootilda's Rotatable Driveways. You do not need to download the mod in order for the driveway to work correctly: "Once a rotated driveway has been placed on a lot, it will remain in that location regardless of the presence of the mod."

Woodland Park Condominiums was built using HugeLunatic's Open & Recolorable Steadfast Stairs. You do not need to download the stairs in order for the lot to function--if you do not have HugeLunatic's file in your download folder, the stairs will be replaced by the Maxis version. However, I do strongly recommend downloading it, because, if you do not, you will probably experience the stair glitch.

Pictures were taken using Slig's Clear Glass Defaults. If you do not use a clear glass default mod, your windows will be the default Maxis blue.

Pictures were taken showing Mustluvcatz's Laundry Day Part 1 Washer and Dryer. Again, these items are not included, and therefore not required. But I did want to give you downloaders an idea of what to do with the space and what the Laundry Room might look like finished.

Tips: Using Cars Outside Apartment Units

Recommended CC
Here's a few things I recommend to make the lots work even better:
-Pescado's Door Jam Fix, which keeps doors from getting left open by lights or stair end tiles. Find the right version for your game in the hack directory.
-Numenor's SEP (Slot Enable Package) to make those corner counter slots useable
-Mustluvcatz's Laundry Day Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, and Stackz, for all your laundry room cc needs
-Nanashi's Town Hall Set, for public building signs (Sometimes Nanashi's links are down. The Town Hall Set is also available via Wayback Machine here.)

Lots were inspired by Plan 21603DR 6-Unit Modern Multi-Family Home Plan from architecturaldesigns.com. (Alternate building style pinned here.)
Lots were resized with Mootilda's LotAdjuster
Lots were cleaned with Chris Hatch's Lot Cleaner and Super Duper Hug Test
Lots were packaged with the Sims2Pack Clean Installer