Option2 Pills

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Option2 is an OTC and prescription medication used to terminate a pregnancy.

Common Side effects of Option2 include:

Nausea, Headache, Soreness, or Fatigue

Surgeon General’s Warning:

Do not take this pill after the second trimester (48 hours), possible side effects include adverse harm to the developing fetus and drastically reduced effectiveness.

Many studies report the children of study participants subjected to prenatal exposure to Option2 were born with lifelong complications such as trouble focusing (Absent-Minded), detachment from reality (Insane), anxiety (Neurotic), mild depression (Grumpy), or the increased inclination to commit mischief (Evil or Kleptomaniac).

Full Complication list available below:
  • Absent-Minded,
  • Daredevil
  • Evil
  • Inappropriate
  • Kleptomaniac
  • Grumpy
  • Clumsy
  • Hot-Headed
  • Insane
  • Over-Emotional
  • Neurotic

Option2 can be found in most grocery stores, retailing for 30 simoleons.

I made a script mod based on lenglel's pill mod. While playing a storyline involving Twallan's Kama Sutra's module for the Woohooer, a female sim, and a specific nightly profession, the idea came to me. After three children and a quick internet search, I realized Sims 3 did not have proper family planning.

I figured with my coding skills and the help of the modding community, I could make this mod. Now I am releasing it to the greater community since I felt it'd fill a void.

I will continue updating when I think of other "features" or get suggestions.


For this mod to work, you will need to download lenglel's LWE_pillscript.package (found here).

It works like the overhead to my mod; so without it, you get no functionality.

For Longer Pregancies

Nraas's Retuner, which adjusts the in-game variables for different scripts, can be used to alter the mod to fit different pregnancy lengths.

Acari wrote a helpful write up of how they implemented it in their game:

If the user's mod is Nraas' Retuner, the user can change the hours of effectiveness. The object in-game is called Mingos_OptionTwoPills. The user must go to the town's courthouse and click Nraas-Retuner-Settings-General-By Tunable XML-Sims3.Gameplay.Objects.Decorations.Mimics.LWE4 and at the top should be the Option Two Pills.

Click on khourofpregnancylesseffective and change the hours until effectiveness drops. My pregnancy hours in Sims 3 is 504 hours or 21 days with the Sim not getting the pregnancy moodlet until hour 48, so I changed the hours of your pills' 100% effectiveness in my game to 168 hours (7 days), for example.

Thank you lenglel's, this script wouldn't be possible without your code handiwork and internal documentation. In addition, I'd like to thank everyone at the TS3CreatorsCave (esp., MissPat, Battery, Twinnsimming, zoeoe, Sonja A., and Echo Weaver) for their help, encouragement, and jokes!