Send Greeting Cards

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Uploaded: 5th Feb 2022 at 1:56 PM
Updated: 13th Sep 2022 at 10:00 PM
Send different types of greeting cards to other sims around town.

Update 13/09/22 - Fixed an issue with resetting when buying stock online. If the Online Center Mod is installed, 'Buy Greeting Card Stock' has been moved to the 'Online Center', 'e-Shopping' tab. Sims may now receive birthday cards in the mail on their birthdays (incl. their Real Age Birthday if Battery's Real Age mod is installed). There is also an occasional chance they'll receive regular greeting cards in the mail from friends. Children and teens now have animations when writing in the greeting card (not complete, but functional, and much better than before).


There are three types of different cards to choose from! Here's a basic overview of them:

Basic Greeting Cards
  • Address the card to any sim you want!
  • Put money in the card, take money from the card, steal money from the card.
    Sims will receive moodlets for each of these interactions. Good and neurotic sims may have second thoughts about stealing.
  • Write a message of your choosing.
  • Version 2 The Write Message interaction, for YA and Above, now uses the 'Write Thank You Note' animation. Make sure there's a writing surface available on the lot. There's no animation for Teen and Below yet, however they'll still route to a writing surface.

Birthday Cards
  • Write birthday messages to the sim of your choosing.
  • Like the basic card, add money to the card if you wish!
  • If the card is addressed to your sim, they'll get a nice moodlet from reading it.

Romantic Cards
  • Your sims will get nice moodlets from reading the addressed card, unless the card isn't addressed to/from them, in which case they will be disgusted.

Card Boxes
  • Opening a card box will add 5 types of the card into your sims inventory.

Card Stand
  • Buy single greeting cards or a pack of cards from the card stand.
    Note: Only, basic and birthday card packs are currently available.

Version 2 Stand Stocking System
Click on the card stand and choose an owner for the stand.

The owner will receive the money when a card is purchased (please note that purchasing cards is not autonomous) and the stand will also begin using a stocking system.

The owner of the stand can check stock levels at any time by clicking on the stand and using the 'Check Stock' interaction.
  • The stand holds 20 [tuneable] stock for each type of card.
  • When the stock level is lower than 20, the stand can be restocked (you don't have to wait until the card is completely out of stock.)
How to Restock
  • The first restock option is an immediate interaction which can be done by any sim. It costs $150, regardless of the no. of cards low on stock.
  • The second option can only be done by the stand owner. It requires the relevant type of card stock in their inventory. Stock can be bought under the 'Greeting Cards' tab on the computer. It will be delivered to your sims house by post.

Custom Buffs:
  • Flattered - from reading a basic greeting card adressed to you
  • Got Money - from getting money from a card addressed to you
  • Got Valentines Card - from reading a valentines card addressed to you
  • Disgusted by Valentines Card - from reading a valentines card not addressed to you
Find the Package XML titled 'Card Stand Tuning'.

Basic Card - $2 - Decor/Painting - Polycount: 48 verts/24 faces
Birthday Card - $3 - Decor/Painting - Polycount: 48 verts/24 faces
Romantic Card - $3 Decor/Painting - Polycount: 48 verts/24 faces
Basic Card Pack - $8 - Decor/Painting - Polycount: 24 verts/12 faces
Birthday Card Pack - $10 - Decor/Painting - Polycount: 24 verts/12 faces
Card Stand - $50 - Decor/Sculptures - Polycount: 922 verts/450 faces
Version 2 Basic Card 2 - $2 - Decor/Painting - Polycount: 48 verts/24 faces - 3rd Preset is recolourable
Your sim will have a random chance of getting Basic Card No.2 when buying from the stand.
Basic Card Stock - Unavailable in Catalogue - Polycount 24 verts/12 faces
Birthday Card Stock - Unavailable in Catalogue - Polycount 24 verts/12 faces
Romantic Card Stock - Unavailable in Catalogue - Polycount 24 verts/12 faces

Made on version 1.67.
There shouldn't be any conflicts with other mods!

Special thanks:
OmedaPixel for the card stand, check her Tumblr for more cool stuff.
The great modders on both this site and the discord, whose mods I perused through for help.
The testers that helped check for bugs.
Whoever made SharpDevelop and ILspy.

This is the very first mod I made, and it was a lot of fun. Please enjoy!