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TS1 to TS2 - the Valentino Home - no CC

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Uploaded: 7th Dec 2021 at 8:42 PM
So I’ve got permission from Rudy and Julia to replicate their house in TS2 and bring it to you.
This house is luxurious, lovely for a sim or two, but you know what? When you step into the two rooms facing the lake on the first story, sunlight (during the day) and outdoor lights (during the night) are the only lighting resources. That means… Buy your new homeowner(s) lights!
Your house may look different from the pictures, since I am using Gunmod's Radiance Light System 2.4. Thanks, Gunmod and Definer, for bringing more pleasant light to my game!
I’ve also used LotAdjuster 3.6 to shrink the lot since I mistakenly chose a larger lot initially. Thank you and Rest In Peace, Mootilda!

A copy of this lot has been play-tested.
If you encounter any problems please let me know.