TS1 to TS2 - the Agent Home - no CC (updated Sep 23 2022)

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Uploaded: 19th Sep 2022 at 7:10 AM
Updated: 23rd Sep 2022 at 7:44 AM
Updated Sep 23, 2022 (v1): Corrected the roofs above the entrance. Thank you @Victor_tor for pointing this out. Also added a once missing tree on the left side of the house.

The Agent House, aka the White House, in TS1, is here for TS2.
Every time when I open the lot in TS1, a “Missing Objects!” prompt is shown. I don't think there are many objects missing, but if you have any clues for that please kindly inform me.
The house is on a 5x6 lot, while the original lot in TS1 is 45x55. So there is some empty space on the northern and eastern sides (assuming the house faces south). Also, the edges of the lot are not flat.
It is a mansion with several nonsense rooms, an insane price, and NO BATHROOMS. So if you are to move your Sims here, please buy some toilets, basins, and baths/showers for them. The house is not a decent place for Sims to live, but this is how the Agents live in TS1.
You may notice a piece of wallpaper misplaced, another missing, and a half-tile missing. These are all exact replicas of the original TS1 lot. Feel free to correct them or leave them alone in the deranged house.
A copy of this lot has been play-tested.
If you encounter any problems please let me know.