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Andalites and Halfdalites

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Uploaded: 13th Feb 2022 at 3:55 PM
Updated: 7th Aug 2022 at 7:38 PM
About these Sims!!
-These sims are customized saved sim.
-These sims were saved with a base game default skin and were made with custom sliders and have various custom content accessories.
-These sims do not contain the sliders, accessories or makeup. You will need to download the Required Custom Content ( Sliders, Accessories, makeup, saved sim and edited Accessories) for them to look correct in game.
-These sims were made using Nrass Master Controller. The mouth and nose were made by increasing the sliders via Nrass. They should work in your game and show up with the mouth and nose details even if you don't have Nrass installed. However, if you wish to change their faces in the Nose or Mouth category you will need Nrass With increased sliders otherwise the sliders will snap back into the default position when you try and edit them.

-Seasons is technically not required if you don't mind not having the Halfdalites in space suits.
-There are two version of these Sims, the Andalite and the Halfdalite, they are exactly the same in the face and only differ in the body. Andalites are great however having a centaur body comes with its downsides hence the compact version the Halfdalite was created.

Custom Content Used:
- Nrass Master Controller
Required custom content:
-Centaur body for Female and Male By Silfantasy ( Cleanup version Here)
-Hoof Feet for All by Camkitty
-(Project Faun Tattoo by JuBa/ Preview/ Download)
-TS4 to TS3 Unicorn Tail ACC by Murfeelee
-outsider ear blush by Cyo (Allages Version Here)
-Ulquiorra's Glass Eyes TS3 by NGSims3 (Allages Version Here)
-OEM_TongueDepth by OneEuroMutt
-Teeth Width by OneEuroMutt
-EarHightSlider By Sage
-(AWT hat sliders Preview/ Download) (Used to shape antenna)

Edited CC included in "download files" (Andalite Alien Accessories_EDIT_Popcornstar45.rar) of this post (Note last three pictures above)
-Face Mask 3 by Smurfil_EDITCustom
(Heavily customized, reduced coverage, recategorized to lips) [Credits to Smurfil, Original CC post Here]
- NAMEKantennas_CloudwalkerNZ_FIXRecolor & Kid version
(Fixed 3rd/2nd recolor channels, antenna tips can be recolored) [Credits to CloudwalkerNZ, Original CC post Here]
(Enabled for outdoors clothing category) [Credits to Esmeralda, Original CC post Here]

“The Andalites are an advanced race of centaur-like aliens. They were the primary race fighting the Yeerks and are known throughout the galaxy for their advanced technology.” (Source)

Summary of Unique features of this alien:
  • No mouth
  • Eye stock Antennas
  • Hooves
  • Tail
  • Centaur-like/ Satyr-like

Why are the Andalites not the alien lifestate? How to give Andalites alien/plantsim powers.
  • You probably noticed that the adalites and halfdalites are normal human sims and not aliens. This was done because of the black eye overlay that all aliens have.
  • If you wish to make you andalites aliens I would recommend Nrass Master Controller or Nrass Master Controller Cheats (to add occult or add alien DNA percentage) + one the mods listed here to remove the alien black eyes.
  • If you wish for your andalites to be an alien and have plantsim powers such as photosynthesis (grass eating) I would recommend using Nrass Master Controller+Nrass Master Controller Cheats+ Nrass Hybrid+one the mods listed here to make a plantsim alien hybrid with normal eyes. There is a video about the hybridization process Here.
  • I briefly tested out the hybridization method with success although you will have to reapply some outfits and fix the skin tone and hair color. I have yet to test out the alien eye removal mods but they should work. when I have some free time I will test some more and post my findings.

All credits for the alien accessories goes to the respective CC creators!
shout out to K. A. Applegate and her wonderful Animorph Books!

Thank you for taking a look at my character's!